Side effects of aromathey rby using oils

by cath

Why am i told that my son might feel tired, rise in blood pressure, darker urine after session. I was totally ignorant about aromatherapy and assumed is was a massage, he is disabled physically and mentally

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Nov 03, 2011
Side Effects of Essential oils
by: Penny Keay

Hi Cath,
Can you tell me what kind of "Aromatherapy" Session your son had?

Aroma therapy - should only involve inhalation.

But if your son had a MASSAGE that incorporated the use of essential oils in the massage oil used, It would not have been the essential oils that caused the warnings by the therapist but the actual massage itself.

Aromatherapy is mainly a scent sensory modality that affects your sense of well being and emotions. It can make a memorable event be more pleasant.

Some massage therapists may not understand the use of essential oils in massage.

So be aware that the side effects you were told were most likely NOT DUE to the essential oils but the fact that the ACT OF "MASSAGE" will release a lot of toxins from the muscles and underlying tissues.

Massage Therapists should be telling you to drink plenty of water after any type of massage - even a short duration as the body has to flush a lot of toxins out.

There are no essential oils to my knowledge that will cause a rise in blood pressure.

And the act of massage is both relaxing (which in itself should lower blood pressure) and because the body is flushing toxins may make you feel more sleepy.

So massage and aromatherapy are totally different modalities but some massage therapist will use the wonderful scents from essential oils of aromatherapy to help the client feel better.

And some essential oils do have constituents that will help relieve pain and relax muscles when used in massage. But again the use of essential oils when used in the proper dilution would not have those side effects you listed.

ONLY the massage it self could possibly have those results.

The concern here is how the essential oils were administered - they should only be inhaled OR used in a proper dilution in a massage oil. If used any other way the Therapist has not been trained properly and I would seek a different therapist.

Yours in Aromatherapy,
Penny Keay
Certified Clinical Medical Aromatherapist

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