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Created in April 2007, has now over 1100 visitors per day. This is a growing site with over 350 pages in total. (stats in Aug 2010). Traffic is increasing 10-20% each month. Currently it has alexa ranking as stated below:

The content on is fresh and updated every week. Nearly 80% of all site pages are listed in the top 30 in Google, Yahoo, and MSN. The Alexa traffic ranking reflects diverse traffic from Europe, Asia, Australia and America.

What type of advertising does this site offer? offers 6 different ways to advertise:

  • 486 x 60 Banner
  • 120 x 80 Button
  • Text Link Ads
  • Product Ads
  • Business Listing
  • Product Review

The type of page, kind of ad, and number of units make listing the prices here impossible. Of course, I want my ad quotes to be competitive, so by filling out the form below, you give me a picture of what you want, and what you may be able to afford. This moves both of us closer to a reasonable agreement.

These are some examples of the advertising that we offer:

486 x 60 Banner

Banner size is fixed to 486 x 60px. Not more than that. It will be placed in the middle of my content. You can choose in which page and in which line do you want to ad. Banner ads are not available on homepage. It will be put in my tier 2 or tier 3 pages.

Don't have a banner to promote your products? Hire me to design your banner! Here are the samples of my design:

120 x 80 Button

Button 120x80 or 120x120. One button per one URL. Right now I will only sell 4 spots. You can look the spot at my homepage. It will placed right under the "NavBar". The length of the button can be customized. But the width is fixed to 120px.

Don't have a button to promote your products? Hire me to design your button! Here are the samples of my design:

Text Link Ads

Up to 20 words, a direct link. Text will be blend in my article or put in the bottom of each page. If you choose this type of ads, you only give the link and the text, I'll put in my article according of the pages chosen by you.

Product Ads

See one of my pages that match your product? Then you can buy this product link format. Your product will be put just like the example above. With the images and details of the products. I will only put 1 product link per page. Size of the table is the same as above.

Business Listing

Listing your business to our Aromatherapy business directory. We have featured listing (with the image) and regular listing for you to choose.

Event Featured Listing

Submitting to the aromatherapy event directory is free, but if you want to make it featured, then I will charge you $2/week. The rate is per week.

Click here to see aromatherapy event directory

Product Review

Currently not available.

Terms and Conditions

  • Reserve the right to decline any advertising inquiry that doesnÂ’t fit this site.
  • The price will be based on a contract for 6 months or a year. For Business listing the contract will be one year.
  • Prices are subject to change upon renewal.
  • Payment is in advance via Paypal
  • If, at any time, you're not satisfied, I'll refund the balance of your payment and remove your ad. Advertiser will have to pay cancellation fee 10% from the refund money.

To avoid ad-saturation, only a specific number of ads are allowed on each page. Once those spots are filled, no further ads will be offered. provides a professional, valuable advertising service and we make every effort to earn your business and trust to create effective ad campaigns.

For more information and rates, submit this form. We will contact you with the information quickly.

Thank you for your interest!

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