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aromatherapy products How do you choose products you buy? Do you simply accept all the good things a seller says about their own product? Or, do you ask your friends' opinions and look for independent product reviews before opening your wallet?

There are millions of products out there being marketed for your attention. Use these reviews to guide you to the products that are actually worth the money you are spending to get them.

Save your pennies for the good ones, and ignore the rest. These product reviews will help you make a wise and informed decision about which products are actually worth your pennies.

If you have benefitted from our reviews then please help other people by sharing your opinion. Have a good product to recommend? Then write it. Do you have a bad experience using certain products? Then let people know.

Writing a product review is as easy as 1,2,3. Here are some guidelines:

  • Start off with a short introduction of the products. The introduction describes the product's promise, a description of how the product is used, as well as its effectiveness and value.

  • How well does the product work? Be truthful when writing a product review and tell others about the positives and negatives of the product you have purchased.

  • Is the product worth the money? Feel free to talk about other related products and how this products rates in comparison.

mint leavesEssentially, you are helping other customers to find out if a product is worth their money or not.

Just remember "The most helpful reviews are the ones that help readers know exactly what to expect."

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Aromatherapy Products Review

Just tell me what is your opinion about the product you have purchased.

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Optima Aromatherapy Diffuser 
optima aromatherapy diffuser My (Optima Model) Aromatic Diffuser doesn’t use up all my essential oils, …

Crabtree & Evelyn Aromatherapy Distillations Conditioning Body Lotion 
I. Love. This. Lotion. This my new favorite lotion, it rivals my former L'Occitane Organic Lavender Body Lotion. The light scent is so uplifting …

Natural Aromatherapy Herbal Soaps  Not rated yet
Natural Aromatherapy Herbal Soaps My favorite is the Vanilla Orange, but I also really like the Ginger-Berry …

DreamTime Cozy Comfort Spa Blanket Not rated yet
Aromatherapy plus spa Blanket I love this thing! It’s warm and soft and just the right bit of heavy. …

Pillows with aromatherapy scents Not rated yet
Pillows with aromatherapy scents My son was having trouble sleeping, we tried everything. Then someone …

Aromatherapy Diffuser Shell Not rated yet
Aromatherapy diffuser shell There are so many different essential oil diffusers out there, I tried this …

Glass aromatherapy diffusers Not rated yet
Glass aromatherapy diffusers I got this as a gift and was concerned the smell might be over-powering, …

Aromatherapy Electric Diffuser Unit Not rated yet
Aromatherapy Electric Diffuser Unit I like using essential oils instead of the fake chemicals in room …

Fan Fuser Diffuser Not rated yet
Fan Fuser Diffuser I like the Fan fuser because it doesn’t use heat or candles so it’s safe around …

wild rose facial oil Not rated yet
great for acne encourages healthy skin growth damage from acne.

Sleep Ease Oil Blend Not rated yet
For years I have suffered from insomnia. It was always very hard for me to fall asleep. Not a night would pass where I would not wake up a few times …

Nature's Paradise Organic Lotion Not rated yet
I absolutely LOVE this lotion, and can't say enough about it! My mother ordered it for me for my birthday and it's what I'm asking for for Christmas …

Mountain Rose Herbs - Tea & Bath Not rated yet
I was first diagnosed with ulcerative colitis about 10 years ago and have since been through almost all the tests and medicines I can afford – financially …

Mountain Rose Lavender Essential Oil Not rated yet
I think this essential oil is one of the best quality oils I've ever purchased! It is sold for aromatherapy and claims to have a relaxing, calming …

Lavender Oil and the Sleep Ease Oil Blend Not rated yet
My husband purchased both of these when during my last pregnancy. I was often super stressed out after chasing around a toddler all day, and yet …

Evening Embrace Aroma Spray  Not rated yet
I love this aromatherapy product. It has a mystic and exotic aroma. It has a delicious blend of different oils and ingredients that make it unique, …

Rhassoul Clay Not rated yet
I bought this product because I had read that it is used in the Middle East to clean your hair with. I was intrigued, so I thought that I'd give …

Bath & Body Works Aromatherapy Luxury Bath Energy Not rated yet
Amazing!! If you're bubble bath lover, you should buy this one. This is probably the best bubble bath I've ever had. Unlike most bubble bath, …

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