Aromatherapy Absolutes

Aromatherapy Absolutes

What is Aromatherapy Absolutes?

Absolutes is an aromatic oil not essential oils which extracted using solvent material then subjected to alcohol extraction. It is a very complicated process and the result is called absolutes.

Absolutes is soluble in alcohol and very important in perfumery industry although they still contain solvent material

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How absolutes use in aromatherapy?

In order to produce absolutes, there is a chemical process involved. This is one of the reasons a lot of people will not use them for purposes of aromatherapy.

But some people says that we can use absolutes in aromatherapy as long as the aromatherapist aware of the skin irritation cause by solvent residue that may occur in some people. Though there is an exceptions where natural ethanol is used.

Whereas some essential oils have been used for internal consumption it is imperative that you not do so with an absolute. That small percent of chemical trace could be very harmful if ingested. No one should take a chance with his or her health. Even the use of naturally processed essential oils for internal use should be restricted and discussed with a physician.

Why produce these oils using a chemical process if it is open to so much controversy?

Well, the regular distillation process does not bring out as much of the plants natural oils as this process does. It takes twice as many plants to obtain the same amount of oil. The natural method quite often breaks the oils down and this defeats the purpose.

There are some plants that will not give up their oils easily and this process is the only way to get the oils from them. Plants like Honey Suckle and Jasmine are resistant to the natural distillation process.

Example of Aromatherapy Absolutes

Jasmine absolutes

This oil is used in many perfumes and produces a fragrance that is sweet and is considered somewhat of an aphrodisiac. Jasmine is also a good aromatherapy choice for women who suffer with sever cramps during their menstrual cycles. Jasmine is also a natural antidepressant and antiseptic. This oil is extracted using solvents.

Jasmine absolutes uses in aromatherapy treatment for apathy, fear, hysteria, uterine disorder, childbirth, muscle relaxation, cough, depression, calming, purifying, aphrodisiac, cleansing, balancing, general skin care for all type of skin, muscular spasm, stress, headaches, uplifting, inspiratoral, confidence, creativity and imaginations (Tisserand, 1977;Rayman, 1991;Lawless, 1992.)

Some studies refer to jasmine absolutes has indicate it can stimulates due to psychological impact and it sedates muscle which is physiological action. And using jasmine absolute for massage can reduce many stress condition and muscle spasms and there is a little evidence that this jasmine absolutes has further benefits

Rose absolutes

who doesnÂ’t appreciate the sweet smell of a rose. This is a decidedly feminine scent and it can be very intense. It is used in perfumes, soaps, massage oils, creams and lotions. It takes a whole lot of blossom to produce even one oz of rose absolute. It is probably the most expensive oil on the market. It is extracted using the chemical solvent process.

Rose absolutes is an orange-yellow to orange-brown viscous liquid. The main use for rose absolute is same as rose essential oils but because it is very strong it is used diluted at the very end products. Rose absolutes usually diluted with synthetic palmarosa fractions, peru balsam, costus oil and clove bud oil

Lavender absolutes

This oil is known for its floral, woody and sweet smell. It will bring to mine fields of purple rushes. The oil is used in creams, lipstick and soaps. The oil is extracted using alcohol.

Oakmoss absolutes

Oakmoss absolutes is used because of its comforting properties. It smells like fresh damp oak along the riverbank. The scent is both earthy and woodsy. You will likely imagine your self in spring forest after a rain. The oils from this plant can only be extracted using alcohol or a solvent.

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