Varicose veins

by Eray Er

I'm a 52 years old female. I've been suffering from acute varicose veins on my both legs for 25 years. I have even had an operation but it was rather unsuccessful.

I'm not overweight but my legs are swollen. My veins are enlarged and twisted so much so that they look like they would split open if I touched them. My legs hurt all the time and it is very painful.

I exercise everyday and I love jogging, I apply cold water to my legs but nothing seems to be working. It's getting really worse. I need your help and recommendations. Thank you.

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Feb 02, 2009
Seek out a medical herbalist
by: Cristl Arndt

Dear Eray,

I'm sorry that your varicose veins have become so problematic. Some essential oils help to tone veins, but unfortunately, your condition is to advanced to use them and they wouldn't provide much relief or healing anyway. The good news is that there are several herbal extracts have been shown to be venotonics agents that enhance the structure, function, and tone of veins and produce excellent clinical results. Since I am not qualified in that area of expertise, I recommend you see a medical herbalist. They can work with your specific needs and medical history, and suggest the best herbs for you with the correct dosages.

Good luck!

Feb 03, 2009
Thank You and other suggestion
by: Liani W

Thank You Cristl for your suggestion.

For Eray,

I agree with Cristl, that you have an acute problems. It's best to seek health practitioner so they can adjust treatment bases on your conditions.

I read a book from Roberta Wilson and found she has a blends recipes for compress for varicose veins. I do hope this will reduce the pain for the time being but you still have to look for other professional help.

Warm Compress

1 quart of warm water, 1 drop of lemon essential oils, 1 drop of rosemary essential oils and 2 drops of geranium essential oils. Blend well and soak a cotton in the water and apply to the affected area. Elevate your legs for 15 min.
Continue this with cold stimulating compress. Do as needed.

Cold Stimulating Compress

1 quart of cool water, 1 drop of ginger essential oils, 1 drop of peppermint essential oils and 2 drops of cypress essential oils. Blend well together and soak a cotton in the water and apply to your leg. Do this daily or as needed.

She recommend to follow this treatment with a massage to varicose veins. But I think that won't be necessary as this is only to help you reduce the pain.

I really hope you can find this useful.


Mar 11, 2009
curing varicous veins
by: hypermum

I too had a very swollen vein on my left leg,it is still there i had it injected but it came back with in 18 months however, I now do a number of things, have you heard of inclined bed therapy, I recommend raising your bed the 6 inches. There is apple cidar vinigar which I take with runny honey and some hot water every evening, it gives you energy. An orange helps you have have to peel the orange whole then slice it eating the pith as well,you do this one slice every hour you are awake seems to work but it gets a bit much.

I have just read about sea salt bath the minerals are supposed to be good so tomorrow I will buy some I like all things that are natural so this seems right up my street heres hoping and all the very best


Jul 04, 2009
Inclined bed therapy
by: Ann

Just raise the head of your bed by 6 inches or to an angle of 5 degrees. YES THATS RIGHT THE HEAD END put books, magazines, bricks, blocks of wood, indeed anything you have to hand that is stable sleeping in a bed this way will improve your circulation and flatten your varicose veins and relieve sensitivity and the varicose hot spots you should notice improvements within four weeks but do not revert back to a flat bed as you can experience other wonderful benefits from sleeping thus and its completely free to learn more google inclined bed therapy and follow the links.

Wishing you good health with no surgery

Oct 31, 2011
Varicose veins

I have been using by bed inclined at almost 5 degree (7.37 inches)for last 6&half has many benefits but i started it to get rid of varicose vein(VV). I've VVs in my right below knee & i had stripping surgery in 2000 but it re appeared very soon.i am a smoker (6-7sticks/day). IBT deflates my VV with lesser pain but ares around my ankle now showing increased red/brown spots.these spots again coalesce to make dark brown circles (radius 1.5-2.0 cm) one of the brown circels now became palpable.with IBT my VVs are not improving after a certain limit.does IBT cure VVs totally?

would any of you having any experience/idea about what to do in this condition,plz mail me.I will remain grateful to you.

Thank you.

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