Tuberose Essential oil

Properties, Characteristics and Uses
of Tuberose Essential oil in Aromatherapy
p>For centuries, many essential oils have been discovered and used effectively for various body ailments and this success has only helped in the discovery of more and more of such oils.


One such gift of nature to man is tuberose essential oil.


Tuberose is a fragrant flower and the essential oil from tuberose is commonly used in perfumes, lotions and in air fresheners, due to its heavy but sweet smell that fills the air with just a single drop of the oil.

If one drop itself can cause such wonderful effects, then for obvious reasons this essential oil is one of the highly priced oils in the market. A small bottle of tuberose essential oil can cost a fortune!

What distinctly separates tuberose essential oil from other oils in the market is not only its fragrance but also the method by which this oil is extracted.

It is very delicate oil that is present in the petals of the flower of tuberose. Normally, oils are extracted by heating the plant part like flower or leaf or stem or fruit to extract oil from it.

However, this cannot be done with tuberose due to its delicate feature. If a tuberose petal is heated, the essential oil would be destroyed and it can never be extracted.


The method by which this oil is extracted is called enfleurage. The flower petals are placed in non smelling oil for days or even weeks.

The essence from the flowers gets transferred to the odorless oil and this is how the essential oil of tuberose is produced.

Alcohol is used in order to separate the essential oil from the oil base used. Once heated at this stage, the alcohol evaporates, leading behind the distilled tuberose essential oil!

Due to the longer times it takes for production, not much of this kind of oil is produced worldwide, one of the reasons for its increased cost.

The procedure is long and tedious and could even take months! Patience pays- that is precisely what is happening in this instance!


Tuberose is probably one of the best essential oils one can get for relieving stress and curing sleeplessness. The pleasant smelling aroma of tuberose helps calm the mind and body there by relieving stress.

It is interesting to note though, that there are other cheaper alternatives to relieving stress in aromatherapy. Hence, it is better to your tuberose oils in blends rather than separately to get the maximum value for money from the bottle you purchase.


Beware of some tuberose oil preparations in the market that are cheaper. These oils are prepared using solvents due to which they can be produced quicker and thus, more cost effective.

However these solvent-based preparations can cause adverse skin reactions when used a perfumes or skin lotions. Always check the contents on the bottle before investing your hard earned money into it. It is better to be careful than sorry.

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In conclusion, it can be said that tuberose essential oil is a great aroma therapeutic addition to our already existing bank of naturally occurring remedies for our day-to- day problems.

Although not all that cheap, it is worth investing money in this essential oil of tuberose because one tiny bottle of this sweet smelling oil can fill our lives with long lasting fragrance!

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