Treating Chronic Pain with Aromatherapy

by Amanda H. Bazner

I use an aromatherapy soap from Bath and Body Works that has eucalyptus and spearmint essential oils, and a matching bath salt. I suffer from chronic pain due to a leg injury, which actually has wound up with me permanently disabled after 10 years. I also suffer occasional anxiety attacks, usually when the pain gets very bad.

The combination of the two essential oils is labeled as ""relaxing"", and I find it's quite effective in that respect. The eucalyptus especially is meant to help open breathing passageways, and I can tell you it's worked phenomenally well.

I usually will sit in the bathroom and soap my hands and face with really hot water, and the steam fills the room. Breathing that steam slows my breath rate, my pulse, and basically short-circuits the anxiety.

If I am actually in such bad shape that I can't go sit in the bathroom with my leg down, my dad will give me the bath salts, and I use them like smelling salts for the same purpose and with the same effect: an incipient panic attack will simply subside, and I become much more relaxed. I also bathe with those salts and soak my bad foot with them.

Overall, you could never say the eucalyptus and spearmint essential oils have cured my pain, but they've certainly made life with it easier. Bath and Body Works seems to have discontinued the soap, as they so often do with products I absolutely love, but they still sell the bath salts as of April 2008.

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Feb 02, 2009
Pain Reliever
by: Anonymous


I use this blend and it works like a charm.

5 drops Lavender essential oil
2 drops Cedar essential oil
2 drops Ginger essential oil
3 tablespoons carrier oil of your choice.

Use this blend to massage your pain.

Feb 02, 2009
Additional Info
by: Liani W.

Hi Amanda,

Nice story. If you are looking for another sources of treating anxiety with aromatherapy then you can go to Aromatherapy and Anxiety

May 23, 2010
chronic pain sufferer
by: Anonymous

lani - 'nice story' you must have never had more than a pain in your big toe - unless you suffer from chronic pain another person can never understand.
Amanda I started mediation to help my pain its stops the build up to a panic attack - helps you see the signs. I look forward to trying your ideas. take care

May 29, 2010
Thanks for sharing
by: Liani widjaja

I am sorry if I don't looks like sympathize with your pain. You're right, I never had that pain and can't understand the feeling of it.

It is just my expression of gratitude for sharing this one. I guess I should write nice sharing or Thanks for sharing. :)

Please post here is you're applying amanda's method to share the result

Thanks for sharing
Liani Widjaja

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