Toxic Essential Oils - Not Recommend in Home Use

Toxic Essential Oils

There are some toxic essential oils that are not recommended for home use.

Certain essential oils maybe qualified as Toxic oils. And those are measured by toxicity and emmenagogic activity in our body.

An example of this is Savin oil. Savon oil is one of toxic oil which can cause abortion due to its emmenagogic activity and make a potential abortion but it's because savon's toxicity so this oil classified as toxic. Savon's toxicity has bigger concern to our health than its emmenagogic activity.

Note that even abortifacient essential oils are only toxic when ingested in large volume.

Pennyroyal essential oil has the following qualities: antiseptic, carminative, sudoritic, emmenagogic, febrifugal, analgesic and expectorant.

This plant has been used for many purposes for centuries, but today, the oil is consider hazardous essential oils.

Notably any women attempting abortion and using pennyroyal can cause her to death merely because of poisoning not because of the abortion itself.

Although there is no one evidence that proved pennyroyal ingestion can cause abortion within an ounce ingestion.

Below is a list of essential oils that can be avoided as they do not have any significant use in aromatherapy. The ingestion of these essential oils may mean certain toxicity to the body. The other qualities these oils may have are abortifacient and convulsant. The use of any of these substances must be avoided especially during gestation and prior to or after obstetrical procedure. Use is advised only under supervision of an expert.

Potentially Toxic Oils

Some of the oils in the following list have limited use externally; others are used for perfumery. We have included Latin names to avoid any confusion.

There are other essential oils that are referred as less toxic but based on experimental facts this stipulation is not proven. It is not recommended using any oils that has emmenagogic property especially during pregnancy. Note that other essential oils are generally safe but look out for those with influences to hormones and to be more accurate those with influence to estrogen directly affecting lactation. Examples of this are licorice, hops, angelica, fennel, cypress, anise seed, sage, lemon grass and coriander

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