Recipe Rosewater

Quick and Easy Recipe Rosewater

rosewaterScented water is a good way of inducing sensation to our olfactory. This is by far one of the oldest formulas used for such purposes. What is exciting about this is you can make it your own. It is easy!

The essence of flora may be captured by simple distillation. You may do this by boiling fresh flora right off to your stove. Or you can just mix the essential oils desired to water to obtain a desirable and light-scented formula you can use as perfume or an additive to your favorite beauty regimen. Fresh rosewater is an ideal additive to topical applications like cream. Lavender water may be used as a splash that is a finishing touch after you bath.

In making Scented water or colognes make sure to use only fresh and organic materials to ensure purity. If these materials are organic it would mean those have not been adulterated with any chemical treatments like fertilizers and or pesticides. It is advised that if you do not have a garden you may purchase flowers from local growers and they must be picked 2-3 hours after sunrise. Flora that is exposed too much to the sunlight will not be as aromatic. Use just the petals and remove the rest. Rinse these petals with water before using to remove any minor pollutants like dust.

Benefits of rosewater

Rosewater is a byproduct of the distillation process that is good for refresh the skin. It has an astringent quality good for cleansing the skin.


This recipe will produce a volume of 8-16 ounces of Rosewater.

For this recipe rosewater, You will need:

  • 8 to 10 cups rose petals, washed
  • 2 to 4 quarts water, depending on pan size
  • Ice cubes

You can purchase rosewater at natural food and grocery stores. If you have a garden full of fragrant petals, try this at-home method for distilling your own scented water. This same procedure also works with other scented flowers and herbs, so feel free to experiment.
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How to make rosewater?

  • Use a pan or a stockpot. Put a small bowl either ceramic or glass upside –down at the center of the pan. Place the flower petals around the inverted bowl in the pan.
  • On top of the inverted bowl place another small bowl. The 2nd small bowl is standing on top of the inverted one. Pour water into the pan with enough volume soak the flora.
  • Cover the pan by inverting the lid. This will work best if the lid of the pan is round. Bring the water to a boil.
  • After reaching the boiling point turn the heat low and allow the mixture to simmer. At this stage place ice cubes on the inverted lid. When this is done you just made a still. The coldness of the ice is conducted by the lid and the vapor from the simmering mixture condenses as soon as it gets contact with it. The dew-like particles on the lid will then be collected on the small bowl.
  • It is advised to monitor the simmering every 10-15 minutes to check on the collected rose water.
  • When you have collected 2 cups of the substance you may stop the process. Do not steam the petals too long or the fragrance will be diluted with water. The process would normally take up to 20-30 minutes only.
  • Store the obtain essence in a clean jar or bottle after cooling.

Quick and Easy Recipe Rosewater

This recipe rosewater will makes 10 ounces of rosewater.

There is a simple way of making rosewater to save you time. Though the byproduct will not be as fragrant but is still pleasant enough to enjoy. This byproduct may be used as a body splash after bathing or a toning agent for the skin. It is also an ideal additive to topical applications like lotions and creams.

You will need:

  • 1 cup firmly packed rose petals, washed
  • 2 cups boiling water

Instructions to make quick and easy recipe rosewater:

  • In a ceramic or glass bowl place the rose petals. Pour boiling water into the bowl and allow the petals to seep until the water cools.
  • Strain the petals from the water and store the scented liquid into a bottle.

Tips on How to Use Floral Waters

  • The astringent quality of rosewater and lavender water makes these substances good skin toners.
  • While running your bath water, pour the scented water into the tub. To add to the aesthetic, add few rose petals on the bath water.
  • Combine the following for sensitive skin type: ½ cup of scented water, ¼ cup of whole mile plus baking soda of approximately 2 tablespoon. Massage this combination to the face on damp skin. Rinse off of skin thoroughly after application. Store any remaining amount of unused mixture in the refrigerator.
  • On summer, you can add a tablespoon of the your scented water into your lotion or cream to make it lighter in texture.
  • You may also lace your sheets with a spray of the scented water before bedtime for a pleasant sleep.
  • With a sprayer you can wear the odor of the scented water by spraying some of it to your hair before leaving your house.

Source from Mountain rose

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