Pomander Balls

Pomander Balls

Pomander Balls are attractive ornaments that have been used in centuries. This ornament is commonly used as moth-repellant in closets and as a decoration at home. In the olden times the pomander balls are made using a fruit and studding it with cloves and then rolled in a mixture of spice then dried. There is a variety of fruits that can be used in making these ornaments such as oranges (traditionally), limes, apples, hard pears and lemons.

The pomander was originated from a French language “pommed’ambre” that means apple of ambergris. This is commonly used as an ornament around the neck or the waist that works as a repellant for infections or to help mask undesirable odor. This is normally cased in gold, silver, wood or ivory in the past

Nowadays pomander can be made at home and can function as an ornament or may be used as a present in the holidays. Small balls can be utilized as an ornament on trees or on wreaths by wiring it in the decoration itself. The larger balls can be used as decorations in the household as well.

Pomander are characterized by a spicy aroma that will help create a likable ambiance in the cooler months.

What you will need is:

  • Citrus Fruit - has been traditionally used as the base of pomanders. Choose from a large thin skinned orange, lime or lemon
  • Darning needle – is used for pricking holes in the skin. Other option is you can use fork.
  • 50 g Whole Cloves – with strong stems and large heads to stick in the skin.
  • 2 tbsp Spices – are lightly dust over the fruit to make it fragrant. You can use ground cinnamon or your favorite ones.
  • 2 tbsp Orris root powder – – to help fix and preserve the various scent.
  • Paper bag, greaseproof paper,ribbon, lemon juice.

How To Make A Pomander Balls

  • Knead the fruit gently to soften the skin. You may mark the fruit with the pattern you like. To maintain the shine of the pith, rub it with lemon juice.
  • Prick the skin of the fruit with Darning Needles and then stick the clove into those pricked areas. Do not crowd the cloves to avoid overcrowding when the fruit shrinks in size after it dries. The fruit will decrease to two-thirds of its size after shrinking.
  • If you plan on hanging the ornament make sure to leave a space the same width as the ribbon you are using to tie it up with. In securing the ribbon you may use masking tape or elastic band.
  • Combine the Orris Root Powder with the other spice. You may use cinnamon, coriander or nutmeg. Place the combination on a greaseproof paper and then roll the clove-struck fruit on the combination until the ornament is covered evenly.
  • Place the covered fruit in a paper bag and leave it in a place cool, dry and dark in duration of 3 weeks. In that time frame the fruit should dry completely and so hardening may be apparent. The fruit, if not dried completely will grow molds.
  • Add the final touches when the fruit dries up.You may then tie the ribbon around the fruit. You can also use a colored net or lace. To secure the pomander ball when hanging loop a ribbon around it and fix it using glue or pins.

Tips for scenting:

A Pomander' fragrance lasts for a very long time, even years. In case the scent fades, too soon, you can apply orange essential oil with cloves on the fruit with a paint brush. This will give a tropical scent emanating from both orange and spices. The suggested temperature ranges to use a pomander ball are 18-22 degrees Celsius or 65-75 degrees Fahrenheit. It is in these temperatures that the ornament will emits stronger scents.

Tips for hanging:

Just lay out a crisscross of masking tape around the fruit and then follow the pattern with the ribbon or elastic band. Close the ends by sewing it and then make a loop that will allow the ornament to hang.

Pomander balls in a bowl are equally pleasing too. You will not need the ribbons if the ornament is to be used this way.

Some of the Picture:

Pomander Balls Pomander Balls

Pomander Balls Pomander Balls

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