Please help me!!!!! I'm male,26 and I'm having the hair loss

by Arka
(United States)

My Hair

My Hair

I'm Arka,26,male from India but now in United States for last 7 months. I used to have thick hair and not much major issue of hair loss. Almost 3 years back I got a hair straightening and for last 2 years I feel I'm stricken with hair loss.

I've consulted with a Homeopathic care Institute in India and I'm still having their medicines. But my hair is now thin when considered individually each strand of it. 1 month ago, I was having my hair cut and the shop owner prescribed me a shampoo with tea tree oil which I've found a bit good for me. At the same time I come to know the essential oils can help me a lot from I've tried to get all those ingredients and made the solution of


Ingredient :

* 10 drops of Rosemary
* 10 drops of lavender
* 5 drops of basil
* 4 ounce of jojoba oils.

I used it last night but while applying I got some hairs shed away while massaging. Is it fine? How much should I apply? Do I need to do this everyday? If possible please let me know in detail. There was another prescription like.

Blends Recipe for Hair Growth:

* 2 drops Thyme essential oil ( Thymus vulgaris )
* 2 drops Atlas cedarwood essential oil
(Cedrus atlantica )
* 3 drops Lavender essential oil
(Lavandula angustifolia )
* 3 drops Rosemary essential oil
(Rosmarinus officinalis )
* 3 ml teaspoon Jojoba oil
* 20 ml Grapeseed oil

Should I use this one too?

Please let me know if anything more extensive I can use. Please help me out. I don't wanna get bald rather I like to have the long thick hair that I've got 3 years back. I've purchased an expensive Hairmax Lasercomb too. Shall I continue using this?

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Apr 18, 2009
Just my 2 cents
by: Liani Widjaja

Hi Arka,

From your notes, I can notice that you're panic about your hair loss.

What I have known, that your hair straightening may not be the cause of your hair loss. There can be several causes of hair loss including high fever, certain medications, some infections, immune problems, hairstyles such as tight braids, crash diets, and severe stress. Generally, this type of hair loss occurs two to four months after the event, lasts a few months, and then the hair will regrow and come back to normal.

If none of these are the cause of your hair loss, then probably you should take a look on your scalp. A fungal infection (tinea capitis) or a skin disorder (psoriasis or eczema) can cause hair loss both in patches and all over your head.

And there is alopecia areata where people will lose patches of hair from the scalp, eyebrows and eyelashes.

If fungal infection is the caused then tea tree shampoo is good for you, because tea tree is the essential oils which can fight fungal.

The Blends Recipe for Hair Growth - is a blend where some researcher do the experiment on people who has alopecia areata and found that recipes can make their hair grow.

You can click here to find out more about the blends
About the blends - Questions from other reader

The articles about hair loss

About Hair Loss Tonic, if you find that some of your hairs shed away while massaging, then don't use it again.

Some people will experiment different things from one another, it can because the essential oils you use is from different company, and/or the conditions that you're dealing with right now.

Also from what I heard Vitamin B complex and Protein can help you to prevent this.

Because there are so many causes for hair loss, and need medical attention, I would strongly recommend that you consult your doctor for advice and help.


Apr 21, 2009
Essential Oils for Hair Loss
by: Melanie Vonzabuesnig


Essential oils can definitely help many hair loss conditions but you may need a more potent formula to stimulate hair growth and reduce the effect of miniaturization.

Peppermint and basil are also very effective for hair growth. It is common to notice some shedding after massaging scalp with or without essential oils because any manipulation can cause hairs that are already in the telogen (resting) phase to loosen and shed. These hairs would have fallen out in any case. I talk to many people about there hair loss issues. Several have tried Laser combs but none have reported any success. I hope you have better success with it.

Melanie Vonzabuensig

Apr 22, 2009
The recipes?
by: Arka

Hi Melanie,

You has prescribed basil and Peppermint but did not mentioned the Blend or formula with which I can use those.

Is there any way I can have those Information? It is really very urgent.


Apr 30, 2009
Essential Oils for Hair Loss
by: Anonymous

You can mix the two oils together and massage them into the thinning areas. If you'd like to learn more about blending essential oils for hair growth you may be interested in the following online books and start regrowing your hair today

Sincerely, Melanie Vonzabuesnig

May 30, 2009
Now is the time
by: Regrown

Brother, I had your concern at 33. My hair looked just like your picture. You made a good call trying to do something before everybody else notices, otherwise, it's too late. A few points (I learnt the hard way via much research):

I took action 8 years ago and now my hair is like it was when I was 28. It?s great!

A) forget anything but Propecia and Rogaine. This means natural remedies and lasercomb, etc. Science has proven these and disproven others. And, no, you don't have time to 'try' anything else. Hair loss isn't hair falling out (those grow back), it's gradual assault of the follices (they thin and thin until it's peach fuzz, then nothing). The problem is, the meds can only heal so much. More waiting=more damage=less healing=thinner hair forever. Many places say these are the only 2 things that work. They are right.

B) Keep your hair cut long in front, tapered to shorter on sides where it's not thinning. Makes overall thickness consistent because you have fewer on top, has to be longer to have the same 'hair mass' as the rest. Longer compensates for thinner and fewer.

C) Get hairspray, a pick and a brush, and a blowdryer on low ('style'); you can do almost anything with your hair in less than 5 min. My favorite hairspay is ?consort? for men.

Now for details.

a) propecia - too expensive. Get fincar (generic finesteride, made in India :-) - Divide into 4. Google it. FreedomPharmacy - $8 a month. No real side effects, which beats some 'natural' fixes.

b) rogaine - same thing, kind of expensive. Get generic as well. Included applicator is impractical (you have to mess up your hair). Instead, get a printer ink cart refill kit and just keep the 'syringe' used to refill ink (you can get them by themselves on ebay, get a few, they break). Do your hair 'up' away from your scalp per (c) above. 'Inject' this between the hair, NOT under the scalp, of course - don't use a regular syringe with a sharp tip! It must be blunt. If this goes under your skin you're in trouble. This is just a way to do it w/o matting down your hair (after all you have to look presentable). Lie on your back on the floor when doing it. Wipe the drippings off your forehead a few minutes after you stand up.

All this costs LESS than monthly haircuts (if you have to justify it to anybody).

Good Luck! I hope you have my success.

May 30, 2009
Bro Can you Tell me in detail
by: Anonymous

Thnx Bro. Can you Tell me in detail or let me get you email......

May 31, 2009
Thank You
by: Liani Widjaja


Thank you for sharing it :)


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