Neem Oil

Neem Oil Properties


Botanical Name : Azadica Indica

Origin : India

Scent : Strong and bitter


The Neem tree (Azadiracta indica) is one of the most popular trees in India, known widely for its medicinal properties. The reason for its popularity is that it helps treat some of the common problems that locals in the region need to face. The neem tree in itself is a fast growing, ever green tree that grows to about 12 feet in height.

The tree is so versatile that almost all the plant parts are used in some form or another. The twigs have traditionally been used as natural dental care tools, while now-a-days the tree extracts are added to regular toothpastes to provide the goodness of neem’s dental care properties to everyone.

The flowers have been used foods as a part of the regular preparation. The leaves are commonly used to prepare neem leaf tea that is also popular for its medicinal properties.

Lastly, the seeds of this tree are used to extract oil that is used for many external applications.

Benefit of Neem Oil

Antibacterial: helps fight bacteria and bacterial infection

Antifungal: helps fight fungal infections

Antiviral: helps fight viral infections (external and internal)

Antihistamine: helps fight allergies and reduce the intensity of allergic symptoms

Antiseptic: Prevents infection from spreading on wounds and internal infections

Spermicidal: Helps prevent pregnancy and fight sexually transmitted disease.

Given all these features, the neem in India, is considered a virtual first aid kit.

It is also known to keep the insects and mosquitoes away, and is used extensively in rural areas for this reason too.

Given its sterile properties, many locals cover people suffering from health issues like chicken pox and small pox with neem branches to protect the patient and the people around.

The neem seed oil has a very strong scent which is not necessarily pleasant; hence, it is blended with more aromatic oils to deliver best results.

Common Uses

The neem oil is also added to soaps and shampoos to help treat the skin and the scalp.

It is known to fight lice in the hair and treat the lice itch.

It can cure ringworm infections, scabies, and other skin disorders.

For people suffering from athlete’s foot, treating the foot with neem blended vegetable oil and water is considered a very good cure.

The oil contains collagen which is vital in blood clotting, besides it also maintains skin tone and elasticity.

The neem oil consists of fatty acids that provide it, its medicinal features. The neem fatty acid mainly consists of Omega-6, Omega-9, Palmitic Acid and Stearic Acid. It also has traces of Omega-3, Arachidic, Myristic,Azadirachtin and other isomers. These fatty acids together make neem oil ideal for skin applications – not just in humans but also pets.


Though neem is more of an anti septic value and most neem tree parts are edible, the essential oils may not be safe for regular consumption.

Regular in take of neem essential oil is known to lead to liver dysfunction. Hence, stick to using the neem essential oil for external applications alone.

In conclusion, the neem essential oil is excellent for direct external application. It can help cure most skin diseases and provide lively, shining skin and scalp.

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