Mountain Rose Herbs - Tea & Bath

by DeAnna
(Paris, Tennessee, USA)

I was first diagnosed with ulcerative colitis about 10 years ago and have since been through almost all the tests and medicines I can afford – financially and emotionally. Like many other chronic diseases, living with UC (similar to Crohn’s Disease) is more about maintenance than a cure and that can be very overwhelming. There’s very little known about treatments that work for every patient or even the actual cause, so you learn what affects you individually and work from there whether it be physical activity, emotional stressors or what you eat and drink. Personally, I focus on reducing anxiety and carefully monitoring my diet.

About a year or so ago I received a gift basket from a co-worker for Christmas with several items from Mountain Rose Herbs including some aromatherapy candles, herbal tea, bath beads and the like. I tried most of the things in the basket just because they were new and interesting, but I found that I felt better after a few weeks, too. Much to my surprise and after a little studying, I discovered why. I had been drinking chamomile and peppermint teas at least once a day and using relaxation techniques from the little pamphlet included with a little bunch of candles, incense, bath gel and body powder. I asked my doctor and she agreed that nothing was harmful and while not backed by the FDA, if I feel better using these products, I should continue to do so. SO I HAVE!

I started visiting the website and trying different teas, but my favorite by far is the Peace Tea, which is a mixture of chamomile, spearmint, lavender and cinnamon. It’s sold in 3 ounce packages or by the pound and for such a magnificent concoction and its organic base, it’s a very reasonable price – much, much less than some of the medications I’ve taken over the years.

I also keep a supply of both bath herbs and potpourri for the relaxing aromas that help me manage anxiety in the morning and then help me unwind from work so I sleep better, too.

The bath herb mixture isn’t floating around in the water which makes clean-up difficult as I have tried with lesser brands, but they’re in this adorable bag that goes in the water and then the aromas are activated when swirled through the bath filling the whole room with the beauty of chamomile, roses, lavenders and other essential oils.

My other favorite is the Herb Pillow Mix that I place in small bowls in the bedrooms to create a subtle scent of sage, rose, lavender and other herbs & oils that are mixed for relaxation. Again, both items are available in 3 ounce and one pound quantities and worth every penny!

I have tried a few other things that were given to me as gifts, but these are the things I favor the most. I’ve been quite impressed with Mountain Rose’s selection and dedication to quality. I have found them to be great gifts for birthdays, Christmas, wedding gifts and baby gifts and will continue to experience them as often as I can.

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