Making Essential Oils

Making Essential Oils Work For You When you're having cold feet in the middle of hottest time of the year.

What I'm gonna to write is a case study when a young lady has a cold feet in the hottest time of the year. So it wouldn't have anything to do with the climate.

She is a working mom with 2 children and a husband to take care when she have done with her job. She has a low high blood pressure history, and complaining about feel lethargic and low in energy. She wants to energized herself.

Her routine work is sit in front of computer and find herself lack of exercise.

How to mix essential oils for her treatment?

Therapist use 2 drops of lemongrass, 5 drops of black pepper, and 3 drops ginger in 20 ml sweet almond oils and apply this for a full body massage with special attention on her feet and legs. A heat under her feet keep them warm. This will make her relax.

Making essential oils work for her to use at home

Make the above blends in double. So it will have 40 ml(8 teaspoons)

She has to make a routine each day:

  • In the morning, she has to brush the dry feet to stimulate the circulation
  • Followed by hot shower
  • Then a massage with half teaspoon into her feet and lower legs
  • Take an exercise by walking around for 20 minutes
  • She will include fresh ginger and chillies in her diet

How long it will be?

Over five weekly session and a month of exercise and home massage to improve her circulation.

Resources and Reference

It will have a great benefit if you're using therapeutic grade essential oils for this treatment.

Check on What makes an essential oils therapeutic grade

Thanks to Janine Harding for this information which you can found on her book. Secrets of Aromatherapy. It's a good book with practical advise.

Want to have a session with aromatherapist? Click here to see reference of certified clinical aromatherapist

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