Make Your own Aromatherapy Bath Product

Due to the high price of aromatherapy spa products, it is a good idea to make your own aromatherapy bath product would be a good idea.

Aromatherapy bath products are a wonderful way to turn a simple bath into a spa-like experience of relaxation and rejuvenation.

To make your own aromatherapy bath product is very easy and cheap, besides you can make sure that all the ingredients are pure and high quality.

You can consider making aromatherapy bath product as gifts for your friends and family. Deliciously-scented bath salts in brand new jar, tied with a crisp new ribbon make wonderful birthday and holiday presents. Or you can make a bath bomb with a beautiful mold and pack it in the box

Handmade gifts are always popular and show that you really care about the person. By keeping in mind their lifestyle and personality, you can create highly personalized recipes they’ll adore.

Ready to start make your own aromatherapy bath product?

Okay, here are a few steps to get started:

You have to know first what you want to make: a bath salt, bath bomb or bath gel. Check my recipes area if you don’t have a particular one in mind.

Make Your own Aromatherapy Bath Salt

  • Choose the salt first. ( whether it’s Epsom salt, sea salt, or dendritic salt, euro salt, Hawaiian salt ) My suggestion : It’s better to mix the sea salt and Epsom salt with some more expensive salt like dead sea salt or Hawaiian salt to make you bath spa more luxurious. There are many exotic salts from around the world with different healing qualities. Find out what type of salt you want to use.
  • Next step would be choosing the aroma. Which one do you prefer an aromatic blend or aromatherapy blend. Aromatherapy blends use essential oils. Read carefully about each essential oils’ profiles so you will have a desired benefit.
  • If you love the scent of a particular fragrance, then aromatic blend would be a good choice. Fragrance oil has more variety. Remember to buy Fragrance oil that is safe for use on skin not candle fragrance oil. Candle Fragrance oil only used for potpourri and candle making.
  • If you have a dry skin you can add moisturizer in a recipe blend. Some moisturizer that are good for skin are : shea butter, all typical butter for bath, milk.
  • Add colour to your bath salt! My suggestion is use only FD&C dyes ( stands for Food, Drug and cosmetic) and D&C dyes ( stands for Drug and Cosmetic). They come in liquid and powder form. Either that would be ok. Another one would be mica. Mica is like a jewel in your bath salts sparkle it and make more attractive. Please check with FDA for colour that is safe for skin use.
  • All done with the recipe and now you can move on to packaging.
  • There are a variety of packaging for bath salt such as paper bag , glass bottle with unique shape, muslin bags, organza bags or Tulle fabric ( tie around the neck with ribbons or rosette), Round plastic tube, PET jars. And other.

Natural herb can be added to bath salt. Choose from natural eucalyptus, jasmine, lavender and dozens of other flowers; rosemary, thyme and lemongrass from the herb families; and cloves and cinnamon for a spicy kick!

Make Your own Aromatherapy Bath Bomb:

  • Decide first what theme you want to create ? an ocean breeze, or romantic bath
  • For ocean breeze you can use a mold like shell, starfish. And for romantic bath you can use the mold shape love. Or you can make a ball, just like a bomb!
  • Choose the oils ( essential oils or just fragrance oils) it depends on your theme.
  • Add the moisturizer and colour to make it attractive
  • As there is baking soda and citric acid ,it’s best to use organza bag to wrap it, you can also wrap in a box or plastic bag but make sure there is a little hole so the gas could easily escape

Whether you make your own aromatherapy bath product for yourself or as a gift to your friend, these ideas would be a great one to spend your evening!


Colour that can be use in bath salt:

  • D&C red 6
  • D&C red 7
  • D&C red 21
  • D&C red 22
  • D&C red 27
  • D&C red 28
  • D&C red 30
  • D&C red 33
  • D&C red 36
  • FD&C red 40
  • FD&C yellow 5
  • FD&C yellow 6
  • D&C yellow 10
  • FD&C blue 1
  • FD&C green 3
  • D&C green 5

Visit FDA website - for complete listing of color additives subject to certification

Want recipes for make your own aromatherapy bath product?
Discover the new and useful recipe that will make you and your family loved.

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