Home Decor Wreath

Home Decor Wreath

In old days, wreath has been used as decorations. Home decor wreath traditionally regarded as renewal, peace and friendship. So it will ensure a special welcome for visitors.

Wreath plays a creative role in the decoration of homes and offices throughout the world. They can announce the start of a new season, offer condolences, or celebrate a special event, all depending on the message that one wants to convey.

Home decor wreath can cheer up a door, window, wall, or porch. They can be made of just about any kind of materials, so anyone can have fun browsing for attractive craft items at good prices to enjoy their hobby.

You can make home decor wreath for your home or design others as house-warming gifts. You can even attach a small box of brand name chocolate or a package of nuts to go with it. Wreaths add a lovely accent to any personal space.

Wreath can be a beautiful alternative to a standard funeral spray. Wreaths are also attached to an easel. Wreaths are often placed at the service, and sometimes moved to the gravesite. Some wreaths can be heart shaped. Ribbons with sentiment can also be added for a personal touch.

There are 2 matters that you should notice when you want to make a home decor wreath:

Texture and color of Home Decor Wreath

By experimenting with an assortment of dried materials you can create a variety of textures, adding depth and appeal to a wreath. Moss adds a velvety texture while pine cones, nuts and bark give more of a rustic effect.

Use color to help the scheme. Red and green are for winter color while pastel shades look wonderful on summer.

Scent of Home Decor Wreath

Choose a material that will give an appealing scent as well as look attractive. Evergreen leaves, such as pine give a musky, herbal aroma. And citrus fruits have a tangy sweetness, especially when mixed with star anise and cinnamon.

Picture of Decorative Wreaths for Doors

Home Decor Wreath Home Decor Wreath

Home Decor Wreath Home Decor Wreath

Instructions on Making Christmas Wreath

Make A Christmas Wreath. Trish Haunton shows us how to make a Christmas wreath to welcome your guests with during the festive season.

Step 1:

What you need to make this lovely decorative wreath?

  • a ring of oasis (floristry foam)
  • 4 large fir cones
  • 9 small shiny apples
  • 8 30cm sticks of cinnamon
  • 30 sprigs of berried ivy
  • 3 branches of blue pine
  • 4 metres wired ribbon
  • raffia
  • scissors
  • stub wire.

Step 2:

Blue Pine - Start with the ring of oasis. Cut small sprigs of blue pine removing the bottom 2 cm of needles. You can either trim the needles with scissors or remove them with your fingers.

Step 3:

Berried Ivy - Cut 30 sprigs of berried ivy.

Step 4:

Cover oasis - Begin with the berried ivy on top of the oasis. Always dress the oasis in the same direction. We are going in an anti-clockwise direction. This gives movement and makes coverage easier. Place sprigs of blue pine both inside and outside the ring. Berried Ivy on top with blue pine in amongst the ivy. Continue until the entire oasis is covered.

Step 5:

Wire - Using the stub wire wrap it around the middle of the cone and feed it through the teeth. Twist the wires together leaving two prongs to stab into the oasis.

Step 6:

Push the stub wire right through the fruit. Pull both ends of wire together and twist together 2 or 3 times. Again leaving two prongs to feed into the oasis. Ensure half of the apples show the bottom and the rest show the top. Repeat until all 12 apples are wired.

Step 7:

Cinnamon - Using scissors cut 30cm lengths of cinnamon cut into three 10 cm pieces. Bundle three short lengths of cinnamon together and tie with raffia. Feed the raffia in between the sticks and around a couple of times to secure the bundle. Tie with a double knot, cutting the raffia to 4cm lengths.

Step 8:

To wire the cinnamon bundles simply feed one piece of stub wire under the raffia. Ensure it is the opposite side to the knot. Twist the wire three times leaving two prongs. Cut the wire to 8 cm lengths.

Step 9:

Arrange - The arrangement will be in four groups consisting of one cone, three apples and two cinnamon bundles. First place the cone. Be sure to feel the prongs reach the polystyrofoam base, otherwise they may pop out when hung on the door. Add three apples around the cone and two bundles of cinnamon. The groups should be added to both the top and sides of the oasis. Space the groups into 4 sections, evenly spaced. Continue until all four groups are complete.

Step 10:

Hairpins - Cut 8 stub wires in half and bend them into hairpins. The hairpins will hold the ribbon in place.

Step 11:

Ribbon - It's recommended to use wired ribbon. Starting 10cm from the end of the ribbon, gather the ribbon between thumb and forefinger and feed a hairpin either side of the ribbon. Begin inside the ring of oasis. Loop the ribbon over the oasis and pin it onto the outside of the ring. Arrange the ribbon where you like it, allowing it to loop and weave through the wreath. Pin it behind an apple here, a cinnamon bundle there, scrunching as you go. The more variety, the more the eye moves over the wreath, giving a rich abundant feeling for Christmas. When you get to the end cut the ribbon next to the last hairpin.

Step 12:

Hanging Loop - Make a loop with the ribbon to secure to the door. Using 2 meters of ribbon, tie a knot around the ring of oasis.

Step 13:

Display - Hang your Christmas wreath on the door and have a Merry Christmas.

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