Essential oils for narcolepsy

Are there any essential oils for narcolepsy?

What for some might be laziness and an expressed refusal of doing anything else than sleep all day, for others is a disorder called narcolepsy. This neurological disorder causes the people who have it to sleep at various intervals, unlike the normal routine. Therefore, those who suffer from narcolepsy don’t only have the need to sleep, but they cannot control it, and they fall asleep no matter what they are doing. Even if they were to drive the car, if the sleep wants to come, they will sleep while driving.

There isn’t an official cure for this disorder, and there really aren’t many alternative treatments, nor any official essential oils for narcolepsy. The doctor usually prescribes at least three or four types of medication to help the patient take some control over his life.

Taking a chance with Peppermint oils

Even though there are no essential oils for narcolepsy known for helping in a direct way, but some people using peppermint oils to keep them awake. You can do this by using 1 or 2 drops into personal inhaler and inhale it whenever you need help to stay awake.

Other than peppermint, you can use citrus essential oils such as lemon and orange. Citrus oils are also known will help you stay focused and awake . Usually these oils used when you have to stay focus and study preparing the exam.

Rosemary is also known as the most stimulating oils. You can use it singly or you can blend with citrus oils. The one that I try and give me more energy is a combine of peppermint, grapefruit, lemon and rosemary. You can use it as equal amount drops and make a blends. or skip all the hassle and buy concentration blends from birch hill company. Your choice!

Use Eucalyptus with caution

Study in animal shows that eucalyptus essential oils may cause certain medications such as amphetamine (this kind of medicine usually prescribed for narcolepsy patients) to be less effective.

Until a cure for this disorder is found, one can only try the alternative treatments that are out there, and hope that at least one of them will suffice in order for him or her to feel normal at least for a few hours.

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