Essential Oils for Herpes

Understanding Herpes &
Recommended Essential Oils for Herpes

Essential Oils for Herpes

What is Herpes?

The word "Herpes" means different things to different people. To some, Herpes is the name given to troubling blisters or sores that can periodically appears around the lips. Others mean a feared sexually transmitted disease that can be caught once but which has a painful aftermath that can be re-experienced many times. These illnesses are related because they caused by the same two closely related virus, herpes simplex virus type 1 and type 2.

How does aromatherapy helps herpes patient?

Aromatherapy aids in many aspects such as: It helps strengthen immunity, ease pain and discomfort and relaxing the patient

The use of essential oils for herpes can reduce the severity as well as shorten the period. If you take action immediately, you may avert the attack

Recommended Essential Oils for Herpes

Due their strong antiviral properties many essential oils are highly effective against herpes simplex virus. According to the study:

  • Jean Valnet,M.D, A french physician, recommends a blend of Lemon and Geranium
  • Tisserand, suggests Eucalyptus Radiata and Bergamot
  • Dr. D. Wabner, suggests single application of true rose oil or melissa oil can lead to complete remission of herpes simplex lesions

    The most effective way is to apply essential oils on the first sign of an outbreak. But if you have already had lesions appear, then you can apply the oils on the lesions. The lesions should dry in one or two days and complete remission takes three to five days. But if you feel discomfort, you can dilute the essential oils in carrier oils. A 10% dilution would be perfect.
  • Dr. Schnaubelt recommends may chang, tea tree, melissa, or a mixture of Geranium, Eucalytus Radiata and Eucalyptus Citrioda. He advises to apply the oils to the affected area undiluted.

Mixing Essential Oils for Herpes

For oral herpes:

You can make a blend of 1 drop of melisa to 100 drops of carrier oil. And apply it frequently at the first sign together with putting ice on a mouth sore that sometimes helps retard or avert its outbreak.

other aromatherapist will suggest to dab a pure melissa oils several times a day

Or Combine: German Chamomile, tea tree, lavender, geranium and lemon. Mix well. Moisten cotton bud with water, then apply 1 drop to cotton bud and dab it to the sore.

For genital herpes:

Take Sitz baths at least 3 times a day as soon as the symptoms manifest.

For Sitz bath there is a specific ratio if you are to use Melissa and Rose oil at 6:4. This ratio must be followed as advised as Melissa Oil can be irritating to the skin. The blend works on shingles too

After the sitz bath, you can treat with healing ointment.

To make healing ointment, you can combine 20 drops of melissa and 5 drops of Rose to 2 ounce of jojoba oil plus 15 gram beeswax.

I am aware that most of you think rose oil is expensive and it such a waste to put it on sitz bath. Well, to solve the problems, I added other blends with much more common and cheap oils

Another way to make a sitz bath blend, is combine 10 drops of tea tree with 6 drops lavender and 5 drops geranium. Mix well, then from that blend, take 4 drops and put into a large bowl with warm water in it.

then add 2 tbsp of salt plus 2 tbsp of bicarbonate soda. Mix well until it disperse. Do it 3 times a day

To help ease the pain, you can make a warm compress by adding 5 drops of (German chamomile, melissa, lemon or Geraninium - pick one of them) to warm water.

Recommended Hydrosol for Herpes

According to the Suzanne Catty on her book "Hydrosols", she states that the aldehydes in Melissa essential oils are considered responsible for the pronounced antiviral properties and the hydrosol seems to contain at least same quantity of these components owing to the large amount of oil in solution in un-cohobated water.

Apply undiluted topically to the herpes sores six to ten times a day, ideally as soon you feel they are coming back, and consume half tablespoon orally after each application. It works almost as fast as the oil.

Try our organic Lemon Balm Hydrosols

Reference Books of Essential Oils for Herpes

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Essential Oils for Herpes

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