Essential Oils for Flea Control

List of Essential Oils for Flea Control & Flea Repellant

If you are a pet owner spring means the onset of a new battle with the fleas and ticks that are emerging to plague your pet.

An adult female is known to lay up to 30 eggs each time and over 400 during her life cycle. The flea feeds on the blood of its host. The flea’s activities irritate the animal and cause the scratching. This is not the half of it since we know that fleas can also spread diseases.

The flea does no limit its habitation to the pet it has fed on. They can last up to two months from a single feeding. Where are they for the remainder of the life cycle, in the grass or carpet or even the bedding.

Where ever your pet roams the fleas will also be. Treating the pet and not treating its environment would be a big mistake. If your pet has fleas then it is equally likely that your home has been infested.

There are many types of treatments on the market for pet and home and most of them are full of harmful poisons. These chemical based treatments could harm your pet, you and your children if ingested. There is a much better way to treat these pests without resorting to chemical warfare.

Essential Oils For Flea Control

To get rid of these fleas, try to find powder or shampoo containing orange essential oils as an effective anti flea substance.

Lavender is another essential oil that not only will repel fleas but also will heal and soothe the bites they have left behind. You can put 15 drops of lavender essential oil into a spray bottle with 500 ml water and mist your animal with it. The animals love the smell and it relaxes the animal as well as takes the sting out of the bites.

Alternatively you can add 10 drops of essential oils (one or two kind of essential oils) to 20 ml almond oil and use 1 drop per kg by massaging into the coat twice a week.

Essential Oils For Flea Repellant

To keep flea away, use a pungent odor product which contain citronella, cedarwood, eucalyptus, or bay essential oils.

You can either buy a herbal flea powder , shampoo or collar using these essential oils. Use this several times a week. And for your house, you can sprinkle powder contain those essential oils to wherever fleas hide and after that vacuum it. It is important to keep the pet’s bedding clean

If you want to make your own blend. Try to add a few drops of essential oils to castile soap or natural shampoo. Do not directly contact the oil with the skin

Make Your Own Collar

You can also make a do-it-yourself flea collar that is much safer for your pet and its environment than the store bought brands. Use a soft piece of cotton cloth soaked in essential oils for flea control tie it loosely around your pets’ neck and the fleas will not come near him.

Dog Flea Bandana

Try to mix 4 drops lavender, 1 drop citronella, 5 drops peppermint, 3 drops lemon and 2 drops clary sage. Mix those oil with 15 ml sweet almond oil then put into amber bottle

To use: Place 4 drops per 5 kg of body weight onto bandana daily. And 1 to 2 drops per 5 kg to base tail

These are just of a few of the many essential oils found in nature that will combat the devastation of flea attacks on your pet. You can be environmentally friendly and still provide your pet with the protection it needs to enjoy the great outdoors in springtime.

Recipe Source: Pet lover's guide to natural healing for cats and dogs By Barbara Fougère

Our Pet Supplies using essential oils for flea control

essential oils for flea control Dog Shampoo

This is an organic shampoo, very mild and safe. Good for your pet’s fur and skin

essential oils for flea control FidoDerm Spray

A soothing remedy to help fasten healing of irritated and itchy skin. Examples hotspots, minor abrasions, sunburn and flea bites. This product is not intended for cats

essential oils for flea control Flea Collars

This is one way of helping you pet in defending them from insects that may cause irritation to them. It comes with half ounce of insect repellant essential oils and makes prefect for any dog, small or big, as you can adjust the collar

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