Essential Oils for Chest Congestion

What are the best essential oils for chest congestion relief? It has been determined that the major cause of congestion of the sinus and the lungs are the cold and the flu pathogen.

These disorders are very common because of its easy transferability from one person to another. The mode of transmission other than getting in contact with contaminated surfaces is the sneezed and coughed droplets suspended in the air. The common symptom is frequent sneezing and coughing as well as runny nose.

essential oils for chest congestion Essential oils for
chest congestion

Eucalyptus, by far, is the most commonly used essential oil in helping ease the symptoms of these respiratory ailments. This essential oil and even its natural source have been used in treating these ailments through chest rubs and inhalation. This is good for decongesting the sinus and the lungs. It is also effective in de-clogging mucous in the nose and the lungs as well. Notably it also has the same quality as that of menthol by acting on the nasal mucosa helping reduce the aggravating symptoms of the ailments.

Tannin, a chemical found in this eucalyptus, works as an anti-inflammatory agent for the upper respiratory tract. Eucalyptol on the other hand, another chemical compound found in eucalyptus, is good for de-clogging the phlegm so it is expelled.

Eucalyptus, being a part of the mint family, has an antiseptic quality that acts as an antimicrobial agent and it has been proven effective in exterminating staphylococcus bacteria. This essential oil has been used to treat tuberculosis as well. If this essential oil is diluted in a two percent proportion will be an effective air sanitizer as it kills 70% of airborne pathogens (staphylococcus bacteria).

Dr Lindsey Gaunt and Sabrina Higgins, research scientists from the University of South Hampton, were able to establish conclusive findings regarding eucalyptus. Their study showed that eucalyptus is effective against E. Coli and Staphylococcus Aureus.

It was on Nov 7-10, 2004 when these findings were revealed to the public in the sixth joint symposium of the International Electrostatics Society of Japan and the Electrostatics Society of America conference in Tokyo

Essential oils produced from the Pine Family also exhibited effectiveness in decongesting the sinuses and the lungs. These essential oil types are also effective in treating chills, coughs and muscle aches.

There are other essential oils for chest congestion and this includes peppermint and lavender. These essential oils have other qualities that are good for resistance to infection, being anti-inflammatory and of course decongestion.

essential oils for chest congestion Easy Breathe Blend
Mix of some
essential oils for
chest congestion

Steaming is one of the most reliable methods of application for relieving congestion. The combination of eucalyptus and peppermint is a good mix. These essential oils will cause vasodilation to relieve congestion. Additionally, after vasodilation, the essential oil is able to penetrate deeper into the system and work its antiseptic quality to eliminate bacteria proliferating in it.

For inhalation place the essential oil combination of a bowl of boiling water and lean over your head to a distance not to close to avoid burns. Use a clean cloth to cover the back of your head and to direct the steam to your face for inhalation. The recommended ratio is 3 drops of each- peppermint and eucalyptus. Exposure maybe extended up to 5 minutes ONLY.

A Humidifier may also be used as an alternative applicator or if available. This diffuser has a packet where the essential oil combination maybe placed. Try look at aroma diffuser to check which one is the best for you.

For chest rubs vapor balm or massage oil can be used as well. The rub is not limited to the chest but may also be applied to the neck and the back as well. The vapor balm is absorbed while it acts in inducing warmth to the area it was applied to. A flannel cloth may be placed on the area the substance was applied to will help increase the warmth.

Chest rub massage oil

The formula listed below is ideal to use for chest rubs on children suffering from cough and other infection of the bronchioles in the lungs.

  • 1 drop of each lavender, tea tree, niaouli and sandalwood essential oils
  • 25 ml of jojoba oil

The formula of this chest rub listed below is good for treating flu or common cold.

  • 4 drops of each tea tree and lemon essential oils
  • 2 drops sandalwood
  • 20 ml sweet almond oil

The recommended amount for application is half a teaspoon full only. This may then be applied to the throat or the chest up to two times in a day.

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