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What makes an essential oil therapeutic grade?

People always get confused about this. What is organic oil? Do Organic oils always have therapeutic effect?

What is Therapeutic grade? And how do we know that the oils we buy have a therapeutic grade? These are the usual questions about buying aromatherapy oils that I found on the net.

As you know essential oils that are used in aromatherapy are distilled from a plant and they have powerful healing properties. Oils have a wide variety of uses from massaging our body to treatment and even cooking.

That's why you need good quality of oils to achieve better results in aromatherapy. By buying aromatherapy oil from reputable supplier you'll have confidence in using them.

Did you know...

"That only 2 percent of essential oils sold in the United States are true Therapeutic Grade?"

International Standards Organization have developed some standard for essential oils to make it different from fragrance or perfume oils

Due achieve a stress free life and eco conscious, there are a growing demand on therapeutic oils and thus make its supply diminished

A true therapeutic oil is believe to have a benefit to our body as an anti viral, anti bacterial and even anti immune system.

If you still not sure about how to get this therapeutic grade oils, then I'd recommend Mountain Rose Herb as a reputable and trustworthy supplier.

And this is why....

Purity Testing By Gas Chromatography

essential oil therapeutic gradeGas chromatography is a scientific process that is used to weed out the imposters in terms of 100% pure oils, from those that are less than pure.

Basic components of oil come in percentages, and this gas chromatography measures that.

It looks at the essential oil content closely, as if there are only two primary constituents that don’t meet the percentage requirements, then the oil cannot become AFNOR or ISO certified. Despite this, they may qualify as Grade A oils.

If essential oils have been synthetically manipulated in any way, the gas chromatography will be able to tell immediately.

One thing that we pride ourselves with at Mountain Rose Herbs is that we make sure that we go the extra mile, and ask that the testers use a 50 meter column when doing chromatography testing.

This is above and beyond, as most U.S. labs only require a 30 meter column, which can accurately evaluate vitamins and minerals, but may not encompass all of the chemical complexities in pure essential oils.

Purity of an essential oil is influenced by many environment factors. These can include geographic location, altitude, climate, growing soil and season.

Did you know that even the time of harvest during the day can impact oil’s purity? This is why making sure that we’re producing high quality pure essential oil, which is a true art form.

As part of this art, we do a great deal of research that makes sure that we’re in tune with our harvest locations, and the best and up to date methods for oil extraction.

Proper Steam Distillation

The distilling method that you use when making oils has the potential to make a big difference in terms of product and quality, and when you’re creating aromatherapy grade oils, your goal needs to be preserving as many plant compounds as possible in the distillation process.

All therapeutic grade oils need to be distilled in cooking chambers made from stainless steel, and this needs to occur with the lowest pressure possibly pressure and temperature settings in place.

If you distill oils in a very high temperature and pressure setting, all of the contact with the metals, which are chemically reactive, will easily the more delicate compounds that are integral to oil extraction.

We at Mountain Rose Herbs know that this is an important factor, and is one reason why we regularly clean our vats thoroughly.

You should feel confident when purchasing essential oil products from us at Mountain Rose Herbs, as all of our essential oils are 100% pure aromatherapy grade.

We stock various oils that are extracted through steam distillation, harvesting the plant’s volatile oils.

All oils that we use in our products are only pulled from the distillation, and are not reused or harvested from later batches.

The only exception to this is our Lavender 40/42, which blends together several types of lavender and absolutes, which are extracted using alcohol.

No Additives

You’ll find that with 98% of all oil products on the market, their primary components are synthetic, or are synthetically manipulated.

You may not be aware of this, and these synthetics shouldn’t be used for any form of therapeutic applications, as they have potential risks to consider.

You’ll be left with results that are less than desirable results, and could potentially be toxic.

When it comes to organic essential oils at Mountain Rose Herbs, we use only 100% natural and pure plant essential oils.

With us you don’t need to worry about added water, alcohol, carriers and anything that would dilute the oils.

Not one single chemical solvent is added during the distillation process, and nothing is added in the later stages of distillation either. We offer a huge selection of essential oils that are available to choose from and they are certified organic.

One thing you should know is that getting actual organic certification is a painstaking process that we constantly strive to achieve.

All of our products from Mountain Rose Herbs are completely suitable for use in aromatherapy, cosmetic application, cooking and bodily use.

Some important questions you need to ask the company you will be buying your products from

Update on Sep 11, 2011

Before buying Therapeutic Grade Oils it is essential for you to get all the necessary information about the product you are about to acquire.

The information you obtain will help you know whether the products you are buying will really be instrumental in making you feel better.

Here are some of the most important issues you have to ask about:

  • It is essential to know how many herb farms the company owns, and whether pesticides (which can make the products toxic) are regularly used, or if they have been used in the last 50 years. You should also inquire whether there are any areas that may have toxic substances.
  • Ask the company representatives whether there is a fully equipped lab in the premises where to test and verify the oils’ composition, and check whether constituents are natural or synthetic. Labs are also used to determine the exact date and time of harvesting: this ensures the optimal quality of the products.
  • If this is not the case, ask whether they make regular use of independent labs to verify the composition of their oils.
  • Ask about when exactly the company’s crops are harvested: to obtain really high quality oils this should be done at the peak time.
  • Get informed about the equipment –and techniques- applied in the distillation of different oils. Remember that different oils require of course different distillation techniques and equipment.
  • Last but not least, it is important to know when exactly the company started working. How long it has been in existence will help you determine how much experience they have in producing Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils.

Do not be afraid to ask for as much information as you need. Remember: it is your own health that is at stake here, and you really ought to worry about it.

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