Essential Oil For Sinusitis

How to Treat Sinusitis Using Essential Oil For Sinusitis

Although aromatherapy can treat many of respiratory problems, including pneumonia but most people are likely to use aromatherapy to cure their chronic disease such as sinusitis and asthma

The causes of chronic sinusitis is because of an inflammation of one of sinus cavities, as the time pass by it will become an infection.

The nasal passage and our throat are connected with mucous membrane in sinuses. As a result, if those area got infections usually because of cold virus, bacterial, tooth abcess or food sensitivities, the virus can easily spread to the sinuses too.

The pain because of sinuses may range from simple toothache and headache, to pain in above and below the eyes or earache. To make it worst, it can made the person feels stuffiness or pressure behind the nose and experience difficulty of breathing.

List of Essential Oil For Sinusitis

Eucalyptus is a good decongestant as well as spike Lavender and rosemary. These essential oils works well for blocked sinuses.

If you want to use blends, you can add peppermint to the blends not because peppermint can clear sinuses but because it can helps you breathe more easily by stimulating cold receptor in the nose.

If you have thick mucous, then you can add helichrysum to the blends for breaking down and clearing the mucous

How to Treat Sinusitis Because of Allergic Reactions

Essential Oil For Sinusitis Blends Essential Oil For Sinusitis

Allergic reactions usually because of immune system dysfunction that is triggered by external factors known as allergens.

For respiratory, it is commonly elicited by pollen, dust mites, mold and animal coat.

The symptoms are clogging of nasal and sinus passages, presence of mucus in the lungs, red weepy eyes, sneezing and exhaustion.

There are those that exhibit the same for chemicals such as paints, cigarette smoke and plastics. The reaction to these artificial substances is qualified more as sensitivity to chemicals than allergic reaction.

Allergic can cause sinusitis, And aromatherapy can help to combat infection and clear nasal passage.

To heal sinusitis because of allergic, we must use essential oils that can halt the production of histamines and reduce the inflammation. And the essential oils which have those benefits are:

German Chamomile (Matricaria recutita), Lavender (Lavandula angustifolia), Roma Chamomile (Chamaemehon nobile), turmeric (Curcuma longa) and tea tree (Melaleuca alternifolia).

Few of the other essential oils for sinusitis that may be combined with anti-inflammatory components are spike Lavender (Lavandula latifolia), eucalyptus (Eucalyptus radiata) and Rosmarinus officinalis or Rosemary to add the decongesting quality to the blend.

To add expectorants effects, you can add black spruce (Picea mariana) and Pine (Pinus sylvestris) essential oils to the blends. Additionally, these essential oils can aid in supporting the adrenal glands to reduce fatigue.

The most common natural treatment for sinusitis is by inhaling the essential oils or you make a blend of these essential oils for sinusitis which I mention above. Steam inhalation, personal inhaler and spritzer are recommend for upper and lower congestion problems.

Because of a long term treatment required, essential oils for sinusitis should dilute to mild concentration and change the blends every 4 week to avoid hyperallergic reactions.

Using essential oils for sinusitis in singly

Essential Oil For Sinusitis Steam Essential Oil For Sinusitis and Inhale

We can use those essential oils for sinusitis which I listed above in singly. You can put few drops of eucalyptus or rosemary essential oils in tissue or personal inhaler and inhale it as needed

Another way is to put few drops of eucalyptus or rosemary essential oils in a hot water and make herbal steam.

Aromatherapy blends for sinusitis

We can make aromatherapy blend from a few of essential oils for sinusitis as I qouted from Roberta wilson's recipes

For Inhalant, you can try to put 10 drops eucalyptus with 5 drops of each cedarwood and oregano essential oils and 3 drops of niaouli to a small bottle. close tightly and shake it to make sure mix very well then open the cap to inhale. This inhalant can be used for instan relief and use several times a day as needed.

For Steam Inhalation, you can try to put 1 drop of eucalyptus, ginger, tea tree and thyme essential oils to 1 quart of steaming water.

For Foot bath, you can put 1 drop of ginger, pine and rosemary to warm water. soak your feet for 15 to 30 minutes. Foot bath usually used to clear sinuses and help breathing in normal.

For steam inhalation, you must disperse the oil first and make sure it blends well with the water, then hold you head over the bowl or basin, drape the towel over your head and the bowl to capture the steam. Do it in 5 to 10 minutes.

We got several essential oil for sinusitis, blended and make it ready for you, you can get the details here - respiratory blend

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