Dry scalp/ hair and itchy scalp

I am 55 year old female who is currently suffering with dandruff, a very dry scalp and at times very bad itching of the scalp ; due to the severe dryness of the scalp and hair I am losing my hair.

My hair loss as been substantial in comparison to the amount of hair thickness I have always had. I have been to several dermatologist with no success as to the problem.

They have all ruled out alopecia, psorasis and feel it may be contact dermatitis, beyond that nothing.

I have changed my products to organic shampoos and conditioners but the problem remains the same.

I have read about rosemary oil for hair growth and eucalytus as antifungal however, just don't know how to use the oils appropriately, your advice would be appreciated.

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Sep 13, 2011
Hair loss
by: Penny Keay

Hairloss can be very hard to figure out & why it is happening.

Any number of causes can contribute.

First and foremost is dietary changes. But being you are also menopausal this could also be a reason. Aging can play a part too.

If you have reduced the amount of protein in your diet that can lead to extreme hair loss.

Medications, having surgery and other life altering changes can cause hair loss - loss of someone close to you -spouse, child or parents.

If your doctor has not tested you for Thyroid problems then you should have that checked as if you haven't changed your diet, had surgery or any other loss. Then it may be hormonal - due to the Thyroid not functioning properly.

As for essential oils to help with hair re-growth - you can try adding essential oils to your rinse or conditioner. But unless the underlying cause is found out you will most likely not see any results using essential oils.

Since your skin and hair are usually good indicators of diet it is possible that if you are experiencing very dry skin and scalp your body is in need of some good healthy "fats". Low fat diets have a tendency to make peoples skin very dry and itchy.

Using Coconut oil to massage into your scalp along with also using it in cooking (to increase it in your diet) should help the itching and dryness.

Simply apply 1-2 tablespoons of Coconut oil and massage into your scalp. Leave over night then shampoo with a mild unscented shampoo. You most likely will not need to use any type of conditioner. You should do this a least 2-3 times a week for several weeks.

You can also apply Jojoba to your scalp and leave over night too. (Don't use Jojoba for cooking.)

Add a couple drops of Rosemary to either the Coconut oil or Jojoba before applying to the scalp. Only 1 or 2 drops per Tablespoon.

If I were you I'd see my doctor and have Thyroid testing done. If you want more information about how hormonal changes and especial if the thyroid test says 'normal'. It still may be your thyroid.

Let us know if you have had dietary changes, upsetting news, etc. We may be able to make suggestions that will help you - to continue to help yourself.

Yours in Aromatherapy,
Penny Keay
Certified Clinical Medical Aromatherapist

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