Damiana Essential Oil

Damiana Essential Oil
Profile and Characteristic

Damiana herbs have long since been used as a natural aphrodisiac as discovered by the ancient Mayan civilization thousands of years ago.

The herbs and extract of damiana are pretty commonly found and can help aid in sexual stamina, libido, fertility, as a weight loss aid and to help women go through menopause.

Damiana is also commonly drank in the form of a tea and it is notorious for its relaxing effects. However, damiana essential oil is rare and harder to find.

Damiana essential oil is found and derived from a plant grown in dry, sunny climates in southern California, Texas, Mexico, Central America and the Indies.

The complex chemical combination of the damiana compound is full of over 20 components and many others that are unknown but seem to work a little bit of magic, particularly in the bedroom.

damiana essential oils Damiana Essential Oil

The actual aroma is sweet and has a hint of honey to it.

This oil created through a bysteam distillation, allowing this herb to take a different form other than a tea, capsule or other form.

Studies about Damiana Essential Oils

Damiana is an essential oil with chemical components called terpenes.

Research proved the presence of these substances in the extract. Continuing studies are being conducted to find the correlation of the essential oil to the plant extract’s potency.

It was proven though that the leaves of this plant contain active antimicrobial components like arbutin, alkaloids and other compounds functioning as same.


Physical Benefits

It helps aid the endocrine system and also is used for stimulating immunity and circulation.

The essential oils are also beneficial for the urinary and reproductive systems.

It is also useful as an antiseptic and can helps with respiratory issues as well as digestive issues.

Mind and Spirit

This essential oil is still considered a natural aphrodisiac and they are very stimulating, euphoric and seductive and pair well with jasmine or rose essential oil.

It is one of the most useful oils for sexual stimulation and arousal on the market as it increases the flow of oxygen to male and female genitalia.

As an aphrodisiac, this helps men and women to increase their desire and also increases testosterone in males.

Additionally, damiana oils can help a woman reach orgasm and even fight off breast cancer or reduce symptoms of premenstrual syndrome or menopause.

Damiana essential oils can also be found in massage lotions and oils which adds further to the seductive qualities of this aphrodisiac.

Athough there are no experimental work to support damiana oil as an aphrodisiac, but in old wise tales, it is thought that using damiana oils in a bath, it can magically attract a new love.

It is also considered to be invigorating and also will promote a person's overall sense of healthy well being.

Damiana oils are mood enhancing, helping to uplift a person's mood. It also helps create a positive mood.

Taking a bath with a few droplets of damiana essential oils added to the steamy waters can send a person to a deep sea of tranquility and serenity and can also help lift a person out of a slight depression, increase energy, calm nerves and increase sexual desires.

The benefits of using these damiana oils are great and have numerous benefits associated with their use.

Side effects

One thing about damiana essential oil is that they do a few side effects and should not be used in large quantities.

Anyone who has any manic behavioral or psychological issues including schizophrenia or who are bipolar will want to avoid these as it can increase symptoms.

People who have problems regulating blood sugar, particularly are hypoglycemic, should also avoid the use of this herbal remedy for relaxation.

Damiana can also effect the absorption of iron in the body, so if a person is anemic, it is advised to not use these products either.

If women are pregnant, they are advised to absolutely not use damiana oil at all due to their altering affects on hormones that could result in miscarriage.

Likewise, breast feeding mothers should also not risk passing on the chemicals found in damiana essential oil to their babies.

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For herbal tinctures, you can buy Chocolate Love Tonic, a combination of chocolate, honey and herbs like damiana, Hawthorn Berry, ginger and Maca root.

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