Chamomile For Tooth Abcess

by Chaela

Hello again,

I used chamomile as a mouthwash for my eight year old daughter the other day. She had an abcess in her gum, it was as big as a pea we added one drop of chamomile and one of tea tree to a teaspoon of pure distilled alcohol then put two drops of this mix in a small glass of water and she washed her mouth with it before bedtime.

In the morning it was reduced by half and we continued until it was gone. We also use a clay, essential oil mix to clean our teeth. It takes a little time to get used to, but it beats toothpaste from a tube.


Additional Info:

I have asked Chaela about how she made a homemade toothpaste (I'm sure the reader very curious about it also!) and ... here she replies :

The clay I use is fine green clay and I add clove and lemon, which is quite strong, you can use peppermint, salt and baking soda.

There are lots of recipes if you google homemade clay toothpaste..example or

hope that helps and of course myrrh tincture for mouthwash is the best.

From, here is the recipe:

2tbsp baking soda, 1/2 tsp salt (sea salt, available in bulk at health food stores)
1 tsp vodka, 2 drops each: Oregano oil, wintergreen, peppermint.
Shake it all up good and it is wonderful.

If someone has bonding on their teeth it is not recommended. Oregano will stain it. That is what my dentist said.

Updated 16 Dec 2008,

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