Cajeput Essential Oils

Properties, Characteristics and Uses
of Cajeput Essential Oils in Aromatherapy

Botanical name : Melaleuca cajuputi.

Origin : Indonesia.

Scent : Camphorous fragrance, with a fruity scent.

Note : Top.

This essential oil is extracted from the leaves and twigs by steam distillation.

Blends well with Bergamot, Lemon, Geranium, Black Pepper, Ginger, Nutmeg, Thyme, Pine Needle, Hyssop, Spike Lavender, Myrtle, Niaouli, Peppermint, Rosemary and Tea Tree.

The latin name of Cajeput is Melaleuca cajuputi, because in Indonesia the tree itself is called kayu putih. But sometimes people say "Melaleuca leucadendron".


cajeput Essential Oils

The oil has antiseptic property and the aroma derived from it is similar to what is smelt from eucalyptus.

Notably this herb has high terpene content. With these very useful attributes it has been used to treat many of the cases related to the respiratory tract that includes cold, bronchitis, flu and other related conditions.

In the treatment of these, the normal route this essential oil is applied is through inhalation. It may also be used as a salve component for chest rubs; combined with other materials for dilution and added volume.

The essential oil may be useful in treating throat infection by applying it with the hot compress that is composed of water, fatty oil or healing earth with a ten percent ratio.

It can be used as an intervention for Urinary Tract Infection as well due of its strong antiseptic quality that is good for disinfection.

Cajeput essential oil may also be used in compresses for gastro-intestinal related conditions like loose bowel movement, gastroenteritis, and anxiety induced vomiting.

It has proven effective in treating parasitic proliferation like those under the families Oxyurdae and Ascaridae.

It can be used a component to liniments as well that is best when applied to affected areas for rheumatism, earache, neuralgia and toothaches.

For toothaches, a 10% ratio to carrier oil will be good enough. Also for earache, a 50% ratio with St.-John-Wort oil should do the trick. Simply apply the combination to the outer ear after mixing.

And due of its antiseptic quality it has been used to treat psoriasis and other skin condition like Acne.

This oil type is a major component of Olbis oil. This concoction makes the Cajeput oil more versatile for combining with other essential oils like wintergreen, juniper, mint, eucalyptus and clover.


May cause skin irritation., external use only, avoid contact with eyes. Care is advisable in pregnancy.

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