Blocked Eustation Tube

by Christine Peake
(Cheshire, England)

Following two courses of anti-biotics after a chest infection which left me with catarrh realised that I couldn't hear clearly in my right ear. Assuming it was ear wax I went to my GP. He said I had no wax and thought it was a blocked Eustation tube. I had more antibiotics which did nothing. My GP has given me a nasal spray which doesn't seem to be helping and is making an appointment for me at the ENT Dept. I am doing steaming with Olbas Oil and nothing further at the moment. I wondered if I could use some oils on a warm wheaty bag near my ear/neck a few times a day but don't know which oils would be best.

You have helped in in the past and hope perhaps you'll be able to do so again. Many thanks.

Christine Peake

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