blends recipe for hair growth and hair growth in general

by Deborah Scheers
(Williamstown, NJ, USA)

Hi, I take pain medicine everyday and will have to for the rest of my life (spine injury). My hair used to be great, now it's very far from great. I have a lot of hair, but each strand is very thin, extremely dry and real fine and frizzy.

I've used natural hair products on it for years (WEN cleansing conditioner) to wash, and condition, and deep treat my hair.

I couldn't use regular shampoo anyway because it was like trying to wash my hair with chewed bubble gum.

I take really good care of it but it still looks awful. I just turned 45 and although I have some grey the regular color has gone from strawberry blonde to this mousy brown color.

I feel horrible and avoid going places. I want to try the blends recipe for hair growth that is on this site, I mixed some up but was confused by the measurements and the ingredients.

It says to use 3ml teaspoon of jojoba, do you know what the correct measurement for the jojoba is? Also, it says to use grapeseed oil, but no where in the article does it say that grapeseed oil is good to use for hair growth, I thought it was good to use on greasy skin.

Do you know if this recipe works? Do you know of a recipe that will help with my problems?

Deb Scheers

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Apr 18, 2010
Using the recipes
by: Liani Widjaja

Hi Debs,

The recipe that you mention is for alopecia aerata condition. And I don't think your condition is the same. I suggest you not use the recipe.

I will contact you to suggest some products or maybe Cristl will come up with some ideas


Apr 18, 2010
Hair growth
by: Cristl Arndt

Hello Deb,

Since you are 45, this problem could be due to the hormonal changes taking place in your body. A hormone-balancing diet may be very beneficial, not only for your hair, but for overall good health. It will give your body proper nutrition to grow healthy hair. The diet will also help control inflammation in the body, so you may be able to cut down on your pain medications as well. There is a book titled "The Wisdom of Menopause" by Christiane Northrup, M.D. and she discusses the changes that hair may undergo due to premenopause/menopause and recommends a hormone-balancing diet for hair problems that she outlines in her book.

Best wishes,

Apr 18, 2010
Help with hair.
by: Penny Keay

Your hair condition can certainly be due to age changes in your hormonal balances.

But it more likely is due to dietary changes.

Your hair is protein and needs to have a good constant protein source in your diet to have wonderful and continued growth.

Taking medications can alter the way your body is able to utilize certain nutrients and it is possible it is causing some changes in your liver and it's ability to properly help your body digest and utilize the protein in your diet.

Also don't forget that you need to add healthy fats to your diet too to help your body produce the type of oil that your hair needs too.

Jojoba is great for your hair but again the protein structure is necessary for hair that isn't brittle.

Please consult an endocrinologist to help balance your hormone levels during menopause and to check for any Thyroid disfunction. The Thyroid hormones can affect your hair growth too.

Try to not shampoo your hair more than once or twice a week. Apply a small amount of Jojoba or Camellia oil to your palm and massage into the hair. Do not Brush your hair - comb it. Brushing damages the outer layers of cells on the hair shaft. Combing glides through and helps to remove tangles and will also help spread the oils throughout the hair.

I would not add an essential oils to the Jojoba or Camellia oil. As what you are describing appears to be more dietary and hormonal than needing to have hair growth encouraged.

(And yes contrary to some that tell you that it couldn't be a thyroid problem - I know several women that have very thick heads of hair and have dysfunctioning thyroids.)

Again, in your case, I think you need to eat better quality protein. And get plenty of it too.

Good luck.

Yours in Aromatherapy,
Penny Keay
Birch Hill Happenings Aromatherapy, LLC

Apr 19, 2010
Thank you, but please don't give up on me!
by: Anonymous

Hi, Thank you for all of your advice, I really appreciate it and will look into your suggestions. Keep them coming!! The thing is is that I don't know what happened, from the way that I live and eat I should have awesome hair.

I have my thyroid levels checked(although I am 45, they are normal for a 30 year old) along with a complete blood panel and HGH check about every 6 mos. Other than the HGH and vit.D deficiencies, everything is normal.

I eat an organic high protein, lots of vegetables, small amount of complex carbs, only a little caffeine, no sugar, no sweets (almost), distilled water with organic trace elements added back in diet.

I inject human growth hormone on a daily basis, I'm severely deficient without the injections. (probably due to the fact that I hit my head when I fell and injured my spine).

I exercise everyday and trampoline to keep the adnoids clear, I tread lightly on the earth and only use natural and organic everything.

I supplement my diet with the very best researched sources of (let's see if I can remember them all) evening primrose, fish oil, niacin, selenium, vit.b,c,d and e, biotin,pomegrante, resveratrol, gelatin with msm, metamucil, collagen,hylauronic acid, and glucosamine chrondrotin when I am out of the gelatin.

I've been told that I look like I am 28 to 32 but my nails and my hair are still sad. I just can't figure it out. Any and all help will be greatly appreciated. Sincerely, Deb

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