Benefits Using Pure Essential Oils

Discover the benefits using pure essential oils
A guide that takes the mystery out of Essential Oils.

How do the benefits using pure essential oils help us?

The first and foremost is their physical healing properties. Essential oils in their purest form are extracted from various parts of the plants, such as leaves, fruits, wood, roots seeds and flowers. They have numerous constituents and no chemical combination of synthetic oils can substitute them.

Compared to synthetically produced oils essential oils still has been determined most beneficial. An example of this is the overused comparison of the use of artificially prepared vitamins versus taking it from its natural source. Taking the synthetically produced material is not bad but you do not get the potential interactions of other elements traced on the naturally occurring source.

The second type of healing would be emotional/psychological healing. The scent of essential oils can influence our brain through the olfactory system. Their scent is powerful and it has the ability to change the state of mind, to stimulate or to calm the brain so that it becomes relaxed. It is precisely because they are so strong that they can make such a marked difference when it comes to altering your state of mind.

The third benefit is the chemical healing.A chemical effect will take place once the essential oils are absorbed into your skin and enter the bloodstream, interacting with your hormones and enzymes. As an example, when essential oils are being diluted in a carrier oils and are being used during a massage, then they are far more easily absorbed through the skin layers, making them transport throughout the body much faster.

Now you already know the benefits using pure essential oils. The problem is how can you know if the essential oils are pure?

While buying the essential oils look for labels that say "pure essential oil," and avoid products called perfume or fragrant oil

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Aromatherapy practitioners need pure essential oils of the highest quality. While selecting the essential oils the important criteria to consider would have the following points: They should be 100% pure and natural, should mention the country of origin, should have been extracted in the growing season and the extraction method should have been correct, e.g.(distillation ,expression).The correct part of the plant has to be used ,and all this will depend on the reputation of the company which is producing it.

It is extremely important to buy pure essential oils, and their effects should never be underestimated. One thing has to be made clear, that the benefits of using pure essential oils cannot be substituted by synthetic oils. In fact it is possible that the synthetic oils instead of benefiting you cause minor or sometimes even major problems.

Another important point is how to get maximum benefits using pure essential oils.

The application of the oil depends on the symptoms of the person, and if correctly applied these oils can bring immense relief. The oils have special properties, and can be effective preventives for many problems, from antiviral essential oils to aphrodisiac essential oils.

One important point to be remembered is that essential oils must always be diluted with carrier oils when used for massage.

A good book will give you a great deal of knowledge about essential oils and their usage. There are many books available in the market. What is very important is the care one has to take and to make sure that the basic safety precautions are taken, and then you can just go exploring the wonderful world of aromatherapy.

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