Basil Essential Oils

Properties, Characteristics and Uses
of Basil Essential Oils in Aromatherapy

Botanical name : ocimum basilicum.

Origin : India and other tropical area in Asia.

Scent : sweet, herbal aroma.

Note : Top.

This essential oil is extracted from the leaves and the flowering tops by steam distillation.


The Basil Essential oil has a variety of uses to achieve an array of therapeutic results.

Physical Benefits

This oil soothes sore muscles providing a very relaxing effect if coupled with a massage. The muscles that are strained are a direct result of hyperactivity, stress or just fatigue.

Also, it is commonly used to treat migraine. Sometimes Migraine is induced by stress and with the oil�s notable effect on strain it relieves the factor causing the pain further alleviating the condition.

Another case it may be good for is Gout. The essential oil reduces the level of Uric Acid in the body so the symptoms of the disorder are relieved.

It has other uses like invigorating mouthwash, revitalizing bath and for tired eyes it can be infused to suitable eyewash regimen. Mind and Spirit

The odor of the Basil essential oil has a notable psychological effect of inducing calmness. This scent will help reduce the risk of clashes because of this notable quality. It has a distinct quality that heightens the mental functions like memory, precision and thought processing.

Added to perfume blends, it can induces mental strength by heightening brain functions including memory, concentration and other cognitive skills. Also clarity of mind that is much needed for a lot of things you may be doing at any given time.

The oil has a very notable effect that is stimulating the nerves and the brain in general directly resulting to the mentioned traits.

Naturally, this oil will be good in alleviating the stress, fatigue and in worse cases depression.

Uses in Bath

On Baths, it may simply be used as a relaxing agent combined in a tub of water. At right proportions it should work its effectiveness on you leaving a focused mind.

Combine with other oil

When combined with Rosemary, it is effective in promoting hair conditioning and growth. It can potentially increase the rate of hair growth at the same time conditioning the hair resulting to less tangles and increased smoothness.


Avoid in cases of liver problems. Avoid during pregnancy and breastfeeding. For adult use only. Maximum use level is 2 per cent.

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