Aromatherapy Machines

Several Factors To Consider When Buying Aromatherapy Machines

Sometimes referred to as an atomizer the aromatherapy machines have been in use for quite some time now.

They have been known by many names and they come in a variety of styles, yet they all do the same job.

There are a few variables that must be considered when purchasing a diffuser. Below is a list of a few of the things you should take into consideration when buying an aroma therapy machine.

The size of the room this includes width and height

You must get the measurements of the room that you will be using the aromatherapy machine in. the length of the room times width equal to square feet, this is the formula you will have to use. Although you may not be able to physically measure the height it too is a consideration. You can estimate how high the ceiling is from the floor based on some of the items in the room. If you have a standing bookcase measure it and then figure out how many stacked on top of each other, it would take to reach your ceiling.

What do you hope to achieve - why are you diffusing

Are you using the scents for general purposes or as a therapy treatment? More unnecessarily oils in the air can result worse than better.

Noise level of the machine

Some diffuser likes passive diffusers or Oil and Tart warmers either Tealight or electric are completely silent but diffuser using fan produce noise with varying degrees.

In general fan diffusers motors are usually quieter than Atomizer type diffusers.

How often do you want to use the diffuser?

If you need all day long or every 2 hours then you have to look for a timer. Most aromatherapy machines come with a timer now. If you want to use all day then use an Atomizer, you can set this one with a timer to diffuse 10 to 15 minutes then off for 1 1/2 hour. Atomizer can runs hours to the end

If you want to use in busy office, perhaps a tart warmer will be a good idea. with timer 2 hours on and off you'll get the scents you need

Things to Remember:

If you're using this diffuser around children, try to look for fan diffusers. Heat style by wax like tart warmers can be danger if it is bumped or knocked by your child or pet cause it contains wax or hot water

How much oil you use is important and having a high saturation level can be harmful over a prolonged period of time. Less is best. Like any scent after being in it for awhile you may get used to it and it will seem as if the fragrance is gone. This is not the case. This is a natural function of our bodies. A basic instinct if you will. The scents that the body perceives to be life threatening stay with us if the scent is harmless the body blocks it so you can smell for a threat.

If you leave the room and return and can no longer smell the oils you may need to add more. Just remember that the larger the room the bigger the aromatherapy machine needs to be. In a very small, enclosed area like a small bathroom a passive diffuser should suffice.

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