Aromatherapy Diffuser

We have a lot of aromatherapy diffuser collection such as: electric oil diffuser, aroma stone diffuser, aromatherapy sterling silver jewelery, aromatherapy terracota jewelery and aromatherapy lamp ring diffuser.

Electric Oil Diffuser

Personal Fan Diffuser

Spa Scenter

Natura Diffuser

Fan Fuser

Ceramic Timer

Special 7 Set of Diffusers

Aromatherapy Ultrasonic


Electric Diffuser


Aroma Shell

Car Scenter

Aeron Car Scenter

Pinecone Electric Diffuser

Pearlessence Spa Mist

Aroma Stone Diffuser

Chinese Sign

Rising Sunny

Two Tall




We have a lot of Aroma Stone Pattern, click here to see more.

Aromatherapy Sterling Silver Jewelery

Celtic Cross Locket

Fairy Locket

Heart Locket

Paws Locket

Sunflower Locket

Genie Bottle Locket

Aromatherapy Terracota Jewelery

The pendant diffuser is a handcrafted diffuser type that is convenient-easy to use and stylish. This wonderful diffuser is made of pure terra cotta that makes it absorbent and is naturally occurring as a porous material. With the material it is made of, it can hold scents for over weeks and it can be used in bathrooms, bedroom , closet, office and even in your own car! All you need to do is add a couple of drops of your preferred essential oil or blend and then you can start enjoying the lingering aroma that you always want. This simple device would normally be 1.25 - 1.75" in diameter and it also comes in floral, spiral and fern designs.

Aromatherapy Terracota Jewelery - $3/each

Aromatherapy Lamp Ring Diffuser

Greenair Aroma Ring, Rose Petal

Greenair Aroma Ring, Lavender

Ceramic Aroma Ring

AuraCacia Lamp Ring

Brass oil ring

Lamp ring + Lavender oil

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