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Aromatherapy bath is one way to enjoy the benefits of the essential oils used in the process. It helps calm the mind, relieve stress and also soothe the tension in the muscles.

The use of the aromatherapy bath is far cheaper in cost if compared to medical intervention. This is also convenient because it is something you can do in your home and it wins your confidence not having any side effects.

A wide array of aromatherapy bath products is available for use to benefit your body through the use of essences extracted from nature.

  • Bath salts and Powders. These materials are basically added to bath water. These agents have the notable quality of detoxification. It also helps ease muscle pains as well. The fusion of bath salt to water will make the water to change in color.

  • Essential oils are diluted when added to water so it can be added directly to it.

  • Other essential oil byproducts like soaps and bathe gels are useful in cleaning the body, effective in stress relief and also help ease muscle pains too.

  • Essential oil byproducts like lotions and creams may also be applied at bath or after bathing to condition the integument.

When these aromatherapy bath products are used in bathing, it dissolves in the water. The water carries the plant extracts and through bathing it helps seep into the skin to soothe the tired muscles. Additionally the dissolved plant essence then will take to the air its very desirable fragrance(s). The therapeutic benefits of the used aromatherapy materials are seen almost instantly after use.

It has been charted that there are more than one hundred kinds of essential oils with different characteristics. There are aromatherapy baths that is a blend of two or more essential oils.

  • Lavender has qualities attributed to inducing relaxation and improving sleep
  • Eucalyptus has qualities that relates to clarity of thought and is usually used as a decongestant.
  • Geranium has qualities that induce equilibrium or sense of balance. It also has qualities related to relaxation with its potent floral odor.
  • Spearmint is used to provide an invigorating feeling for both body and mind.

aromatherapy bath product
Aromatherapy Bath Products

Prepare Your Bath

Using essential oils in baths is pretty basic. You may add up to 8 drops of the desired essential oil into a tub of bath water and then you may just soak yourself into this combination. At first it is advised to use just one kind of essential oil. Later on, when you are more familiar of the essential oil qualities then you should be able to mix and match these extracts based on your preferred result.

Some essential oils may not be most appropriate to gestating women so it is best that you consult with your doctor before using any of these aromatherapy bath materials. Note that there are essential oils that are not to be used especially during gestation.

What to do in baths when using aromatherapy:

  • Prepare a tub with warm bath water.
  • The essential oils will naturally evaporate after it is placed in the warm water and then emit the very desirable scents. It is important that you close the door of the bathroom so you are able to breathe the vapor.
  • Before and while soaking in the tub make sure that you disperse the essential oil by rippling the water so the substance does not puddle.
  • It is advised to just soak in the tub for 15-20 minutes only

When wanting to utilize aromatherapy bath products it is important to bear in mind that these essences will seep into the skin and work their natural wonders. You can also use a bath bags, combine a few aromatherapy products for bubble baths and or just plain bath salts. Note that when these essences are diluted in water it is likely that these are safe to use

Remember! Always refer to my safety guideline first

Hydrosol is the byproduct of the steam distillation of flora, foliage, herbs or other plant herbs and is obtain at the early stages of the process. These substances are also known as floral water and it is characterized by lower concentration than that of essential oils that are obtain during the latter part of the process.

It is equally thrilling creating a personalized blend of essences for a bath. The preference on the materials used is highly influenced by the maker and will produce an invigorating and exciting bathing experience.

Have Fragrance Fun!

Some Recomendation Aromatherapy Bath Products

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Bar Soap


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Nature's Paradise Organic Body Wash


Relaxing Bath Herbs
Relaxing Bath Herbs


Liquid Body Soap


Bath Salts

Bod - White Lotus Blend Bath Salts Packet
Bath Scrub

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