Aromatherapy Air Freshener

An aromatherapy air freshener is a great way to enjoy the scent and therapeutic benefits of essential oils.

The best ones are made by diluting essential oil in a carrier, to make it easy to spray and use. You can buy them or create them by yourself.

A lot of products are confused with Aromatherapy products. Let me site the differences: Aromatherapy products are all-natural because the substances used to create the scents are derived from just nature itself. On the other hand commercial products confused for aromatherapy products are just substances that have a pleasant scent. In general, these commercial products cannot induce therapeutic effects to the user more so does it have any positive effect to one’s personal state of mind.

Aromatherapy Air Fresheners is created by infusing the selected essential oil to carrier oil. Carrier oils are agents that helps increase the volume of the desired essential oil and also it helps reduce the intensity of the scent to mildness. The mixture of the substances may be used using a sprayer that allows easier application. As previously indicated, these types of fresheners are available in the market or by knowing how to make such substance you can customize your own.

Just add a few drops of essential oil or mix blend to distilled water. You can blends the oil according to your mood and health problems, for instance if you feel worn out, then a relaxing blend would be appropriate or if you have suffer from migraine, then choose essential oils that can help you cope with it.

Although aromatherapy is generally considered safe to practice at home, it makes sense to expose yourself to any new scented product gradually. Use care to avoid the discomfort an unexpected allergic reaction. Keep in mind, too that pets may be particularly sensitive to air freshener and may require extra ventilation in their area when any air freshening products are used.

There are simple air freshener recipes that are very doable and basic. A mist bottle is a common medium used as an applicator of the custom made aromatherapy air freshener. The normal ratio of the essential oil to water is 8 to 10 drops to a cup of distilled water. The mixture must be shook well before use to ensure efficacy of application. The areas you may apply this combination to could be literally any area of preference.

Note that there are certain characteristics to certain essential oils like lavender having anti-bacterial properties. Lemon essential oil is best as freshener in bathrooms. And peppermint essential oil that counters the strong odor.

Some of the basic blends are listed below. The blends are proven safe and pleasant, see how you find it!

To a spray bottle with an atomizer that can hold up to four ounce in volume, you may dilute the blend of essential oils listed below to 3 ounce distilled water

Aromatherapy air freshener blends that you may use:

Orange blossom Air freshener

  • 14 drops bergamot
  • 2 drops rose
  • 4 drops ylang ylang
  • 20 drops orange

Sheer happiness Air Freshener

  • 9 drops lemon
  • 15 drops clary sage
  • 6 drops lavender

Minty Freshener

  • 15 drops spearmint
  • 15 drops bergamot

Room Disinfectant

  • 40 drops Tea Tree
  • 30 drops Thyme
  • 25 drops eucalyptus

Deodorizing Spray

  • 12 drops bergamot
  • 2 drop Eucalyptus
  • 4 drops Lemon

Citrus scent

  • 10 drops grapefruit
  • 10 drops lemon
  • 10 drops orange
  • 3 drops cinnamon


Put 3 ounce of distilled water into the suggested mist bottle. The bottle recommended for application has a capacity of four ounce and this allows the user to be able to shake the content to ensure the uniformity of the solution.

The chosen blend of essential oils may now be added into the spray bottle. If the household has a member who is extra-sensitive to strong scent it is best to use the recipe with a total of 20 drops in essential oil components

Secure the lid of the sprayer to avoid spillage. Then shake the contents of the bottle until of uniform consistency like a solution in appearance. Let this solution sit for a day at least.

If the scent is too faint you may improve the intensity of the scent by adding a couple of more drops of the essential oils used. The application of this method may be used in a frequency as required since the water particles do not suspend in the air over a very long period of time. After a certain period the scented molecules will settle and so the intensity of scent fades to almost none.

Do not let the vaporized solution be applied on furniture and most importantly make sure that the mist does not get to food materials and or drinks.

Find another good selection of essential oils to make an aromatherapy air freshener to scent your home.

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