Aromatherapy Wholesale Products

Aromatherapy Wholesale Products
Save Money, Buy in Bulk!

Buying wholesale aromatherapy products is cheaper than retail purchase, because they usually come directly from the manufacturer, and therefore there will be no distributor cost added to the products plus no sales tax included.

But truly, it is very hard to find the real manufacturer company right now. As you can see many of them claim that they are the manufacturer but in fact they aren't. Most of them are only adding their private labels.

There are many types of aromatherapy products wholesaler.

  • First are the real manufacturers, who have a factory with large investments and equipments. Usually these kinds of aromatherapy wholesalers don't sell their products in retail. If you want to buy, you should provide them with company name and business card. You should buy in large quantities and they don't sell many kinds of products.
  • Second, are the aromatherapy wholesalers, who buy the ingredients from the factory and make their own products line. These kinds of wholesalers usually sell in retail and wholesale prices. Of course there will be a difference in price between retail and wholesale. You wouldn't find their products in any other company, because they are special and it is their trademark. Some companies will not sell at the wholesale price to a customer. They have their own retail shop.
  • Third, is a small company that make their own homemade aromatherapy products and sell it at bargain price, focus on small quantity without branding. You can find this kind of seller in or street market fair. Their products are unique but they don't produce in larger quantities.

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