Aromatherapy Stress Reduction

Some Aromatherapy Stress Reduction Tips To Lead A Stress Free Life

In today’s hectic world stress has become one of the number one reasons for all types of illnesses it can even lead to heart attacks. Finding ways to relieve stress naturally is what all of us would like to do.

Stress can ruin a diet, lead to alcoholism and change your behavior. Aromatherapy is a good way to naturally relieve stress and take control of your day.

We have heard a lot lately about cortisol and how stress causes the body to release more of it than we really need and this causes us to have that muffin top. You can relieve your stress without resorting to buying a chemical compound that could prove to be potentially harmful.

We will never be able to completely rid our lives of stress but it can be managed. Aromatherapy can be a large part of your daily routine in the fight against stress. It has been used by certain cultures for centuries for this very purpose. The Chinese use it as a way of calming the “Chi” and centering ones mind and body. The scents calm the mind and spirit and give you an overall feeling of being refreshed.

Our sense of smell is unique in that it is directly connected to other sensors in our brains. Smells of baking cookies can immediately bring a smile to our faces or the smell of pumpkin pie can make us anxious for the Thanksgiving Holidays. Smells remind us and they can also enhance or even change our moods.

This is the secret of aromatherapy, it taps into our subconscious memories to bring on the good feelings and dispel the tension. The natural scents of certain plants are soothing to the mind, aroma therapy allows us to use the oils from these plants to create a calming and relaxing fragrance without having to have the plant itself.

Research on Aromatherapy Stress Reduction

Several research conduct and one of them is a study where several depressed men were given aromatherapy treatment using orange essential oils and the result that orange essential oils can reduce their intake of antidepressant.

Another study was conducted at Gyeongsan, Korea. The experiment between 36 students, half of them receive aromatherapy using lavender essential oils and half of them receive placebo treatment using carrier oil inhalation.

The study has shown considerable reduction in stress level when aromatherapy stress reduction was administered and was compared as to the result from a placebo test. The experiment has showcased aromatherapy’s inhalation method to be effective in lowering stress level on high school students. A separate study in the same locale, Korea has shown the same result with Bergamot essential oil use.

Aromatherapy Stress Reduction Tips

Here are a few aromatherapy stress reduction tips:

  • Here what you should do: blend 5 drops of spruce oil, 6 drops clary sage oil and 6 drops rosewood oil to a small glass bottle with airtight cover or inhaler. Inhale frequently to minimize stress throughout the day.
  • A long luxurious bath in a tub with the smells of lavender or chamomile will certainly ease away the tension. The hot water and the scents combine to drain away frustrations and relax knotted muscles. You can blend 2 drop lavender oil, 1 drop cypress, 1 drop geranium, 1 drop pine and 1 drop vetiver oil and put it into a bathtub filled with warm water. You can do this whenever you fell stress
  • Getting a massage is a relaxing treat anyway, adding essential oils will only speed up the process. The scents takes you away as your muscles are stroked and kneaded into a more relaxed state. Try our massage oil to ease fatigue and stiffness after a long day
  • Using diffusers to release the scents and oil molecules into the atmosphere. as soon as the fragrance starts to permeate the area you will begin to feel relaxed and calm. The Calming blend has been specifically formulated to alleviate nervous tension, depression and stress. This blend will help induce calm and attain a stable mind and emotional state. Also, this is a top selling product.

Smells can effect different people in strange ways. What totally relaxes you might be an irritant to others. So you should choose your scents carefully. Do a bit of experimenting with scents to see what works best for you. Whether you choose a diffuser, candles or bath salts aromatherapy may soon become you weapon of choice for stress reduction.

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