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The aromatherapy has been recognized as one of the best means of relaxation in the high stress modern day life. This uses natural oils from various leaves, barks, flowers etc to creating soothing aromas.

The most important aspect of a good aromatherapy is the mister also known as atomizer or ionizer. The aromatherapy spa misters are appliances that diffuse water and the mixed oil blends as mist into the room to create the relaxing ambiance in the room.

How does is work?

The mister / ionizer uses a technology to break the water into ions and are diffused into the air. These devices typically use ultrasonic waves to break water into ions and diffuse them. This is reason, why the mist coming from these devices are cool (like cold water from waterfalls) and not hot (like steam). Given the size of these devices typically they can cover just about 500 sq foot of area which can be your bedroom, office cabin, or aromatherapy spa room.

The other feature of these misters is that you can add essential oil blends to the water in the mister and you have your aromatherapy spa ready.

The mister breaks the oil into small particles as it ionizes the water particles. Thus when it emits mist, the mist contains both cool water as well as oil particles. The oil particles when inhaled by use give us the great comforting aromas.

How to use it?

It is very simple to use an aromatherapy mister. Just add regular tap water to the unit and switch one. This will give you the humidifier function.

Although some people prefer filtered or distilled water because tap water can be heavy in organisms and minerals that will collect sediment on the inner parts of the mister. But sometimes for some people distilled water doesn't work. If it doesn't then you should try tap water.

To add some aroma to the room, mix the essential oil blends with the water and switch it one. Just make sure that you do not fill any unit up to the brim, as the bubbling water may spill out. Typically, 5-6 drops of oil per usage is sufficient, but you can vary it depending on how strong an aroma you prefer.

The Products

Pearl Essence Spa Mist Air Therapy Fountain Mister

Pearlessence Spa Mist Air Therapy Fountain Mister

This is an ultrasonic based air therapy fountain mister. This uses a mixture of essential oil blends and water to humidify and spread pleasant aromas in the spa.

To add to that this unit also has smooth shape with constant color changing ability. The light colors and the constantly changing patterns add to the relaxing atmosphere.

This unit works well in the office or at home. It is small enough to fit on your desk and makes less noise than the hum of your computer.

The Spa Mist is unique for its water level sensor that shuts off the apparatus when the water gets lower than the sensor. This is perfect for use when sleeping at night when going to bed.

The only downside is some users have noted is that filling it to its capacity can cause it to malfunction sometimes and that it works best if the water level is kept slightly below the maximum. Also adding oil blends directly to the water can erode the capacity mark in the unit, so you need to filter out the oils for longevity.

This product rating is 4 out of 5 star.

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Artesian Mist Fountain Mister by Pearlessence

This is another aromatherapy product from Pearl Essence. This one is has some additional enhanced features and a more appealing shape. The artictic stand and the circular shape make it an attractive decorative piece in your room.

Besides the mister functions and the color changing feature, this unit also has a fountain. So this creates an ambience in three senses – smell (aroma), sight (soothing colors) and sound (trickling water).

Which to Pick?

Aromatherapy spas are a great means of relaxation and stress busting. The most essential part of any aromatherapy spa is the mister that generates the cool soothing mist with the pleasant aroma.

While choosing the unit look for the functionality, quality of materials used and the visual appeal of the product.

Since both unit has the same function, I would prefer to choose Pearl Essence Spa Mist Air Therapy Fountain Mister. Some users said that they already have it for years and it still works perfectly.

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