Aromatherapy Sleep Machine

Aromatherapy Sleep Machine
Does it really work?

Sleep is a necessity that cannot be avoided to us. The body will need to re-charge after a hard day’s work.

8 hours is the minimum number of hours to sleep in a day. Without enough sleep one wil not be able to do any activities effectively.

But sometimes people finding it really hard to get to sleep, it might because of worry, stress or excitement. Lack of sleep will greatly affect all aspect of a person’s life; physically, mentally, and emotionally. With stressors it cannot be helped to find safe and alternative ways to achieve a sound and good sleep and that is by using aromatherapy sleep machine

As you know there are many essential oils can overcome your insomnia, such as lavender, roman chamomile, and sweet marjoram. And it is easy to use, just drop a couple of those essential oils on the bed linen, or on the tissue and put it under the pillow case. This will help you relax into sleep.

What is Aromatherapy Sleep Machine

It is a machine which is a combine of small electric diffuser with a radio. A therapy which use aromatherapy and sound therapy.

Some products that available in the market

  • Life Wise
    Comes up with 5 aromatherapy pads and 6 sounds to choose. Perfectly light so you can put under your pillow and adjust the volume. Some people may find that this device works perfectly for them. Others may be disturbed by their sounds.
  • Homedics Enviraspa

    You can choose from four all-natural scents and six soothing sounds. But what makes difference from life wise is there's an aromatherapy-only option if you'd rather listen to your own music, as well as a sound-only option. This machine is better than the other aromatherapy diffusers as it is less messy and better control over sound. But of course it only works in a small area.

Does it worth the money?

I particular don't like to hear any sound when I'm going to sleep. So I wouldn't buy this. But many people had bought Homedics Enviraspa and most of them satisfied with the results.

Read their review first before you buy the products

My suggestion

Try natural, cheap and easy method to help getting sleep fast first, if it doesn't succeed then you can consider buying it.

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