Aromatherapy Science

by Liani Widjaja

Aromatherapy Science

Aromatherapy Science

The book takes an analytical and scientific approach to aromatherapy practices and principles based on up-to-date scientific evidence.

It’s a valuable resource for people who work in aromatherapy fields such as instructors, students or just common people who are interested in aromatherapy.

It’s quite a helpful book as it provides healthcare professionals with reliable scientifically based information on the growing discipline of aromatherapy.

I believe it also has the ability to have naysayers get rid of their doubts about aromatherapy with the up-to-date information that it provides. But as I said, the book isn’t for beginners.

I think the author could have easily made the book suitable for the everyday person if she added some commonly used essential oil blends and recipes that are used as alternative treatments for some common ailments.

If that were the case, this could have been truly helpful for people who are looking into aromatherapy. After all, there are some people who still do not believe in the methods even with scientific facts provided. If the book did provide a couple of recipes, it allows people to properly make their own essential oil blends and use them for treatment. In turn, they can see first-hand that it does work.

Overall, I give the book a review of 4.5 out of 5. It’s highly informative and brings a very positive light to a method of alternative medicine that was long thought of as nothing to take seriously. But with a target market of readers being only that of professionals or people with a background in aromatherapy, I think the book could have been much better aimed especially for those who aren’t big believers of it.

Aromatherapy: A Guide for Healthcare Professionals

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