Aromatherapy relaxes everyone

by anonymous

I am using aromatherapy to relax , it helps you relax and helps you sleep, the aroma can change the atmosphere and ambiance of the room, once the temperature is cold, it helps you sleep and soothes the mind.

It also helps a lot in removing stress, and minor physical problems. For example after a strenuous activity, such as basketball, it is good to rest and sleep while lighting candles that are scented, or oils that have a candle burning a plate.

Oils in Fruits and Passion are great, get the cranberry, or vanilla, green tea is also soothing. Another one is after a stressful day at the office you can go home, light a few drops of the oils, and it fills out the room.

This is how I do it, after lighting the candles or oils, go take a bath, and when you're done, the room is now relaxing. Oil also fills the room with fruity scents.

Basically aromatherapy removes the unwanted scents in the room which prevents you from relaxing. In my opinion, this is a great way to relax your body and mind after work.

You can also mix oils, but I wouldn't recommend it since it will just make the scent sometimes weird.

A lot of people also use candles and scented oils to set the mood, for massages, spa and others. While some health clubs use this to help you sleep and physical therapy.

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