Aromatherapy Quiz

Take this Aromatherapy Quiz and Discover your type! Join the millions of people who have found more satisfying careers and have improved all of their relationships, by understanding your own personality type.

Looking for the best fragrance for yourself? then this might be your answer. Check out which essential oils describe you better. Learn how these essential oils effects on your emotions, mind and body.

I've created this aromatherapy quiz based on Meyers Briggs personality tests. According to Myers Briggs, there are 16 personality types but I simplify it into 8 categories. To match each of these personality types with each of essential oils personality, I used "The Fragrant Mind" by Valerie Ann Woorwood.

Although I try to be accurate, but I cannot assure you that the result is correct. This is only for FUN!

Let's get started....

What Are Your Personality Scents In Aromatherapy?

What color do you like best? Black

How do you like your workout to be? Enjoy activities that are convenient, requiring minimal process and planning.
Attracted to variety exercise in cardio, strength training and stretching
Traditional and conservative, just do the standard ones.
Seek peaceful and pleasing environments.
Enjoy challenging activities with the right combination of fun, freedom and flow - with minimal starts and stops.
Enjoy high stimulation variety and action preferring to play outside.
Feel comfort in routine, keeping track and measuring it.
Like outdoor activities a lot.

What is your favorite takeouts food? Sandwiches
Chinese Food
Frozen Yogurt
Ice Cream
Fried Chicken
Hot Dogs

What is you favorite fruit? Pineapple

What are best words below describe you? Curious and Independent
Risk Taking and Cooperative
Confidant and Strategic
Innovative and Inspiring
Loyal and Hard Working
Introspective and Creative
Warm and Supportive
Responsible and Organized

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