Aromatherapy helps my life as a mother a lot easier.

At least once a month I love to fill up the garden tub . Add chamomile or lavender and fresh rose petals. Light candles in the bathroom and turn the big light out. Sometimes I even go as far as putting nature sounds or the sounds of the ocean on to help drown out everything. Add a nice glass of wine and this is pure heaven.

I recently had a baby so this alone time means the world to me. If I have a lot on my mind, it works as a temporary escape. I also use citronella as a bug repellent. In my opinion it works much better than the candles and other bug repellents. Oh and just recently my mother in law told me about boiling thyme and inhaling the steam to help relieve the cold I had. And guess what it worked. I was able to breathe for a while after that.

They now have disposable baby wash cloths that you add water to and lather up. They also come in a lavender scent which, believe it or not, does help. I after I feed my son, it's bath time and than bedtime. The lavender helps him relax and go to sleep easier, so there is no fighting sleep, which makes mommy's life a lot easier.

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