Aromatherapy for Gardener

Having been a gardener in a serious way for the past ten years, the scent of plants and flowers have been a soothing experience for me on a regular basis. About two years into my garden, I developed migraine headaches. I read about the use of pennyroyal as a treatment for migraines. I didn't really believe that it might help, but my migraines were bad enough that I was willing to try anything.

The pennyroyal went into the garden, and began to grow. One day I woke up with a bad migraine and my regular medication wasn't in the house. out to the garden I went and I picked the pennyroyal. I lay down, holding the pennyroyal near my face and I breathed in the scent of the pennyroyal and shortly my migraine began to abate.

For the next several weeks I carried a sachet of pennyroyal and sniffed it at intervals. My headaches eased and then disappeared over the course of about two months.

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