Choosing The Right Aromatherapy Diffuser For Skincare.

How can you choose the right aromatherapy diffuser for skincare? As you can see, there are many aromatherapy diffusers out there. But which ones are good in helping you to maintain and achieve healthy skin?

Using aromatherapy to help skin care problems is one of the best ways for achieving natural skin complexion.

How essential oils work through the skin

With some research, I found a fabulous device that can help the work of essential oils on your face.

aromatherapy diffuser for skin care Aromatherapy Diffuser For Skincare

This nifty devise will cause the molecules of the essential oil to vibrate with water to up to 1.7 Million times in a second inducing enough energy for the molecules to escape the bonds and escape to the air in vaporized form. The devise is using a heat-free diffusion method despite causing the molecules to vibrate releasing the cool mist in the air and then maximizing the diffused oil’s effects.

This devise is perfect for use during winter months and also on dryer months providing fresh and oxygenated air thus improving the quality of the air in the household or whichever place it is used on.

You can use this diffuser for facial steaming. Beautify your face by adding your favorite essential oil or oil blend to the warm distilled water in the diffusers reservoir, then set the time about 15 minutes by pressing the timer button.

Cover your head with the towel and lean over the aromatherapy diffuser, leaving a comfortable distance between the aromatherapy diffuser and your face. You should feel warmth. Allow your skin to breathe in the steam and herbal infusion for no more than 15 minutes.

Steam may cause the pores on your face to open up allowing the penetration of the herbal infusion into your facial skin. The opening of the pores will also get rid your skin of the impurities or blockage since deep cleansing is allowed by that skin reaction.

The pores opening up will allow the de-clogging of the pores. Any type of impurities like blackhead, whiteheads, dirt, oil and pimples will be deeply cleansed by this method. Since the mist is reaching the skin deeper than usual and is infused with water, the mentioned impurities soften and become manageable for removal.

Finish your facial steam by splashing cool water on your face. This will help seal the pores. You can follow it with facial massager, it will accelerate blood circulation and metabolism giving better results for your skin.

Never doubt again this is the right aromatherapy diffuser for skincare.

Essential Oils and Herbs List for Facial Steams

The most important factor to consider in facial steam essential oil(s) selection is the skin type and sensitivity. Knowing the skin type will allow you to choose the most appropriate essential oil, blend or herb to use. Below you’ll find some help regarding what to choose for which skin type (see list below):

Dry Skin: This skin type is characterized by roughness even scaly. The appropriate essential oils you can choose from will range from lavender, chamomile, elder flower, red clover, calendula, jasmine, comfrey, marshmallow root to rose water. These essential oils are classified as non-irritants so this is safe to use even on normal skin type.

Oily Skin: This skin type is caused by over production of skin oils due of hormonal actions and may be regulated, cured by using the following: basil, lemon grass, rosemary, lavender, licorice root and witch hazel bark. These herb and essential oils are classified with astringent quality that helps remove excessive oil and at the same time prevent infection with its antimicrobial property.

Sensitive Skin: This is a skin type that requires special attention due to its nature. Calendula and rose water are advised for the facial steam for this skin type. Unlike any other skin type those with sensitive skin should not administer this method more than once in a month. When administering the method make sure that exposure does not exceed to three to four minutes to avoid irritation.

For more Facial Oil recipes please visit Aromatherapy Skin Care Recipes.

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aromatherapy diffuser for skin care
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