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8 important things you need to know
before you start making aromatherapy candle

Making aromatherapy candle could be a fun experience that can be done at the comfort of one’s home, if you are new to this kind of hobby then these are some questions in aromatherapy candle making recipes that you want to asked before you start the project.

I have been told to not use essential oils for aromatherapy candles, is it true?

Essential oils is very expensive to buy and If you want to use it on candle, you'll use it on a large amount. and that's why aromatherapy candles is very expensive.

I want to make aromatherapy soy candles, Can anyone recommend essential oils that will work in soy wax?

Peppermint, Spearmint, Lavender, Ginger, lemongrass, litsea, patchouli are the good ones. Stay away from Eucalyptus and Citrus oils, because sometimes it fades.

What is the recommended amount of essential oils to wax?

0.4 - 0.5 oz of essential oils in 2-3% dilution per pound wax seems to work well.

Why candles using essential oils is not as strong as candles using fragrance oils?

Candle which is using essential oils can't be as strong scent as Fragrance candles because essential oils just don't work that well at high concentrations.

If that so, candles is not giving the aromatherapy benefits to us ?

Candles is not the best ways to get the therapeutic value of aromatherapy, because the flame's temperature is going to destroy a lot of essential oils benefit.

If that's true, then it would be better to use fragrance oils in Aromatherapy Candle Making Recipes . In many cases, the nose can't tell the difference between the Fragrance Oils and Essential Oils.

An aromatherapy addicts will insist it has to be the real thing, the essential oils. People who are interested in purchasing true aromatherapy candles aren't interested in the super strong scent anyway. However, some people will react also on fragrance oils.


It because some fragrance oils can be use to stimulate a mood, instead of a physical reaction from the constituents of an essential oil. This is what they called aromachology.

Aroma-chology vs Aromatherapy

Aromachology is the study of scents and their effects to people generally its ability to influence mood and state of mind. Through aromachology artificial scents are created to mimic those in nature and are infused commonly with products in the market for accessibility. It is however saddening that these artificial aromas are confused with the therapeutic scent of essential oils and also are mistaken with the same effect.

Scented candles are the most common medium of the artificially created scents. With its pleasing odor it somehow manages to create a favorable ambiance that helps influence mood and mind-set. It has that psychological effect to people however the substance just does not possess the same quality as that of an essential oil and its therapeutic effect. If compared, the fragrance candle may be more intense since candles is not the best medium for aromatherapy and so the effects of which are diminished.


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