How to Make Aromatherapy Body Spray

Aromatherapy body spray is another way of using the benefits of essential oils while enjoying the scent of your choice. It's easy to use, just Spray it on your body and you are ready to go.

Another benefit of using this body spray is it can help balance your mood throughout the day and so directly affecting inter-personal relations with others. Also, this could potentially increase mental activity ensuring alertness and makes you be in optimum working condition.

Few of the essential oils you can use in body sprays are:

Lavender oil: This essential oil component will help promote calm and tranquility. This is also perfect for people with sleeping difficulties.

Rose and Ylang ylang oil: These essential oils have a noted effect like that of an aphrodisiac that is perfect for setting a romantic mood.

Lemongrass oil: This can help ease the nerves and also relieve stress. Also, the origin of this substance has an insect-repelling property that is retained even after extracting this essential oil.

Sweet orange oil: This scent is well adjusted which ever season it is. During warmer months it exudes a fresh and light scent. During winter months it serves the hint of warmth and suggests a festive ambiance.

Peppermint and Ginger oil: These oils are very effective for stimulating your senses to increase mental activity, also good for muscle soreness and respiratory related problems.

How to make aromatherapy body spray?

You need:

  • A mister bottle
  • 4 drops of essential oils
  • A cup of water

Simply combine the four drops of essential oil with a cup of water in the mist bottle by shaking it well.

If you prefer to use witch hazel, then you can use this recipe

combine a tablespoon of witch hazel with ten drops of an essential oil of choice in 8 ounce of water. Shake the mixture before use.

This combination is good for keeping a fresh scent on you and a great way to start your day!

According to Anne Williams, in her book "Spa bodywork", In fact, there are few base fluids that can be used in creating a personalized aromatherapy body spray:

  • Hydrosols (Floral Water)
  • Lemon Juice
  • Vinegar
  • Herbal Tea
  • Purified water
  • Witch hazel

Simply add thirty drops of the essential oils of choice into 2 ounces of any of the base fluids in a sprayer bottle. It is advised to store these products in a refrigerator once made to retard expiration. If Herbal Tea is the base fluid used it is important to know that it will have a relatively shorter shelf life than the others at approximately 2-3 days at most and so must be made in very little amounts.

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