Pregnancy Aroma Therapy Treatment

Aroma therapy treatment to ease discomfort during pregnancy

Pregnancy brings a lot of discomfort to the expectant. It cannot be helped as that is brought by the changes in the body during the pregnancy itself.

Aromatherapy on the other hand is good for alleviating most of these discomforts from morning sickness to cellulite

During gestation it is noted by doctors and specialists that the hormone level fluctuates and so the body changes happens. With the use of essential oils many of these problems are alleviated.

Essential oils for morning sickness may be used in the first month of your pregnancy. Other than that, any other essential oil or blend should not be used in the first trimester to four month of your pregnancy.

Women, during pregnancy, are cautioned in using essential oils. Note that even derived from natural sources doesn't mean it does not have any contraindication to pregnancy. There is a list of aromatherapy blends that can be used after the first three months. These blends will promote a balanced mental and emotional well being during this crucial stage.

Aroma therapy treatment for nausea during pregnancy.

pregnancy pictures There is nothing more effective for morning sickness than peppermint oil. Nausea is very common problem in the erly stages of pregnancy.

One drop peppermint sprinkle on a tissue and sniff at intervals is usually adequate to bring relief, but in severe cases where the women constantly vomits then you can apply lavender to your abdomen.

Add 2 drops of lavender to a bowl of warm water, soak a small towel, wring it out and place in your abdomen for 30 min.

You can replace peppermint with ginger essential oils.

Besides inhaling the peppermint oil you can make a peppermint tea. Using 1 teaspoon of black tea and 1 drop of peppermint oil add to 4 cup of hot water.

Aroma therapy treatment for stretch marks during pregnancy

As the breasts and abdomen grow bigger, the skin has to stretch and can lead stretch marks. Once formed these scars are difficult to get rid of it.

To prevent you can apply 4 drops lavender and 1 drop of neroli to 20 ml of wheatgrem oil. Using light sweeping movements, gently rub the oil into the skin of the abdomen. Do this twice daily.

Aroma therapy treatment for depression in pregnancy

This blend is for three to nine months of pregnancy.

2 drops of palmarosa and 2 drops of neroli dilute in 20 ml of sweet almond oil.

Use this blend to massage your back, shoulder, and neck. You can ask your partner to do it. Sit on the stool and lean on a pillow on a dining table once you cannot lie on your front. Massage twice a week.

Aroma therapy treatment for heartburn during pregnancy.

Some essential oils can help you with heartburn are: peppermint, rose and sandalwood (recommended).

To ease heartburn and gassy discomfort in your chest or abdomen, you can take 1 drops of essential oil (neat or add with honey water).

Aroma therapy treatment for anxiety attack during pregnancy

It is also noticeable that the level of anxiety increases as the expected date of delivery approaches. You can help ease this emotional stress by combining 3 drops of lavender, a drop of Neroli diluted in added carrier oil to make 10 ml in mixture in a bottle.

The blends may be placed on a burner for inhalation but just a few drops. This may also be applied to the skin when added to unscented lotion.

Aroma therapy treatment for hemorrhoids in pregnancy.

Pregnancy Women who also suffer from hemorrhoids may take a cool sitz bath using 6 drops lemon oil or other essential oils for hemorrhoids.

To prepare a cool sitz bath, you can use a large plastic tub and filled with water. Add the oils and disperse it using your hand. Sit on the plastic tub, you can do so by keeping your leg outside the tub

Stay in there for 20 minutes and followed by massage using 7 drops of each cypress and lemon oils with dilute in 2 ounce olive oil

Aroma therapy treatment for insomnia during pregnancy.

Unfortunately, as pregnancy progresses, not sleeping well can become an issue for some women and getting stressed will only exacerbate the situation. If insomnia's getting you down, try getting some gentle light exercise in the day. Avoid daytime naps and don't eat too close to bedtime.

Having a bath can ensure a relaxing night time. Be sure to clear your mind of all thoughts (as best you can) before hitting the pillow.

Lavender is the best essential oils to beat insomnia. Take 6 drops of it and add to a comfortably hot bath. Just lie back and relax.

Beside taking bath with lavender, you should avoid caffeine and chocolate.

Marjoram and neroli can replace for lavender. These essential oils can be taken in bath or sprinkled on your pillow. You can make lavender pillow mist from this recipe.

This information is meant as general advice. Please consult your health practitioner or a qualified aromatherapist for advice on your specific situation

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