Questions and Answers about Aroma Oil Burner.

Aroma oil burner or aromatherapy oil burner as it is sometimes called, essential oils burner, tea light diffuser are a traditional devices to be used in aromatherapy. It's very cheap and for a beginner, I would suggest to use this before other aroma diffusers.

Although aromatherapy oil burner is very simple in use and design but many people still make a mistake in using it. Here you can find simple questions and answers on aromatherapy oil burner. This way you can benefit a lot more from it.

What is aromatherapy oil burner?
Aroma oil burner is a device that has flat space to hold the candle in a bottom area and on the top has some type of bowl to hold water and a few drops of oil.

Here are some examples of aromatherapy oil burners:

aroma oil burner
aroma oil burner

How does aromatherapy burner works?

The water and oils in the bowl will mix and evaporates because of the heat from the candle which we put at the bottom.

How to use oil burner?
Fill the top bowl with water and just add a few drops of essential oil of your choice and light the candle.

Where should you put aromatherapy oil burner?
Since it will get hot, you should put aromatherapy oil burner on a heat proof surface.

How much water should I add?
One or two tablespoon of distilled water depending on how large is the bowl.

How to mix essential oil blend for aroma oil burner?
If you want to put essential oil blend in oil burner, please mix it first in different container. You can't put a different oil directly in the oil burner.

Do you have to dilute them first in base oil?
It is not necessary to dilute them. However, if you want to dilute them, the blends should be 2 - 5 drops in 10 ml of base oil.

Which base oil works best on aroma oil burner?
Jojoba oil. Jojoba oil doesnÂ’t get evaporated unlike water.

How long should I burn it?
In an average room it is only necessary to burn it for around 20 minutes to get the benefit from it.

When I use it repeatedly, sometimes it stinks since the water does not evaporate completely. What should I do?
If the water does not evaporate and leave a stain, you can remove it with orange oil.

Nowadays, we have find some electric diffusers and nebulizer which can diffuse therapeutic grade essential oils into a fine mist, which is useful in delivering essential oils to deeper parts of the respiratory tract. Does this mean oil burner is less effective for treatment purpose?
Not exactly. In ancient times, people didn't use electric ones but they still got some advantages by using oil burner. Mostly they used it to fight all kinds of viruses.

If you still have some questions, just drop me a note or you can go to for more information on Aroma Oil Burner

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