Agarwood Essential Oil

Agarwood Essential Oil Properties

You might have heard of some really weird sources for some of the modern day things that we use. However, one of the more intriguing things has to be the agarwood.

This is literally obtained from a plant infection, yes, a diseased plant fighting an infection produces agarwood.

Certain heartwood trees in southeast Asia, when affected by mold produce a resin to protect themselves.

This resin gets mixed with the heartwood to form the aromatic Agarwood.


Botanical Name: Aquilaria malaccensis

Origin : India, Malaysia and Indonesia

Scent : balsamic odor

Agar Attars and Perfumes have been prepared in India from a long time ago.

Production of Agarwood oil

The special species of trees need to be first infected with fungi. In defense of this attack by fungi the trees produce oleoresin.

The oleoresin provides that inimitable fragrance that we associate with agarwood oil.

The oil from the wood is extracted by Oud CO2 process. The end result of the extraction process is a highly viscous, dark colored oil.

This oil is known by many names like Oud oil, Eagleswood Ud, Kiara, etc depending on the place of origin.


This oil can be applied directly to the skin or used with carrier oil like jojoba oil. It has many medical benefits.

It is a great tonic for energetic life.

Its diuretic properties help treat and prevent urinary disorders.

It has a soothing effect on the nervous system.

It has been known to relieve epileptic attacks and seizures.

It helps calm anxiety, treat fever, breathing problems like breathlessness, asthma, bronchial problems, etc.

It is also known to help cure digestive tract illness, small pox and even certain kinds of cancer.

Some other uses of this oil are in cooking. People have used it to add flavor to curries. In areas where these plants grow, locals use it as an additive in local wines too.

Agarwood extracts have also been used in tea by some people to derive its benefits.

For centuries, agarwood has been associated with mystics and divinity. Ancients have believes that agarwood aroma helps cleanse our body and mind and helps us think clearly.

This transcendental property of the agarwood oil could be attributed to effect that the aroma and the oil in general has on our body, mind and sensory system.

Procuring Agarwood Essential Oil

Anyone who have searched for Agarwood oil would know that there are different grades of this oil.

The best ones are the most precious, rarest and invariably most expensive too. The reason for this is very simple deforestation. The agarwood is grown in southeast Asia which is plagued by deforestation problems. There are limited agarwood producing trees left in the wild.

Hence, many commercial producers of agarwood oil have turned to plantations and cultivated agarwood trees for their source.

Though, the cultivated agarwood is not considered to be of the same grade as the pure agarwood oil, it is in no manner any different from the pure agarwood from a medicinal perspective.

Besides, having come for a cultivated source, these agarwood essential oils are less expensive too. It is important that you ascertain the source of the agarwood before buying it. Do not destroy wilderness for a bottle of pleasure.

In conclusion, Agarwood oil is divinely fragrant, extremely beneficial and very safe for external application or internal consumption. There are many forms and means by which you can get the benefits of agarwood.

Aromatherapy is one of these means. Using a agarwood essential oil either in a blend or directly through carrier oil you can experience its transcendental properties.

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